Are You a Victim of a Slip and Fall Accident? Protect Your Rights!

If you have been searching for a Slip and Fall Accident lawyer in the Newburgh, NY area, consider visiting Dreyer Law Offices. These types of incidents can result in serious injury, some permanent, and you have rights that must be protected. A Personal Injury Lawyer can explain what your options are and can assist in helping you get the compensation that you are entitled to due to your injury.

It is not commonly known, but all property owners in the state of New York have a responsibility to exercise what the law considers "reasonable care" when it comes to protecting the public at large and to those who may be on their premises. If an owner does not meet this legal obligation, and someone becomes injured because of their lack of care, that injured person may file a suit against the property owner. This suit can ask for financial damages and many courts have held property owners financially liable because the owners negligence. This is where a Newburgh personal injury lawyer can assist you to get what you are entitled to in damages.

Compensation can be awarded to slip and fall victims that cover a variety of issues. For instance, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills (including ambulance service if that was needed), pain suffering, ongoing medical care, lost wages, physical therapy costs, and other expenses as well. Not all victims will be entitled to the same compensation levels, but having a personal injury lawyer working for you will help see to it that you get all that you are rightfully entitled to get.

The first step is contact a qualified and experienced accident lawyer. This type of legal action is best left to the professionals and should not be undertaken by those who are not trained in personal injury law. There are many issues that have to be addressed, and working with a seasoned personal injury lawyer is the best way to ensure that all of the legitimate issues are covered and addressed.

Your lawyer can help you develop your case from start to finish. He or she will be able to answer your questions as well as communicate with any outside insurance agencies that may seek to settle the case out of court. For many individuals, communicating with insurance agencies can be intimidating and is one task that they would prefer to have someone else do for them. Your lawyer can handle that for you. They can also negotiate settlement awards if that is in your best interest.

Should your case have to go to court, your lawyer will be there with you. He or she will present the strongest case on your behalf and contest any court rulings that they believe can be legally challenged. This is not the time to act as your own attorney. You truly need professional assistance when you go to court for these types of accidents as the property owner will almost always want to make it look like it was your fault that you were hurt. Don't let that happen to you!

Learn how a Newburgh Personal Injury Lawyer can help protect your rights when you need a Slip and Fall Accident lawyer Newburgh area.


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