5 Things You Might Not Have Known Regarding The Author Behind Sookie Stackhouse Book 12

What imaginative and frightening thoughts sit on the mind of Charlaine Harris? Harris developed the now famous Sookie Stackhouse novels, which tell the gripping and exciting lives of Bon Temps residents (humans and otherwise), and definitely, the loves of Sookie, the telepathic barmaid.

Commonly known as The Southern Vampire Mysteries, the series has produced several titles such as "Deadlocked," the Sookie Stackhouse Book 12 and "Dead Ever After," Book 13, which is the final installment scheduled for release the coming year. As a praise to the near-end of the series, here's a simple rundown of Charlaine Harris trivia that can enable you to enjoy her publications even more.

Harris's first novel titled "Sweet And Deadly" was printed in 1981. The gothic-inspired novel is focused on a series of murders in a small town. The heroine, Catherine Linton, is convinced that the killings are deeply connected with her parents' death, that has been stated being an accident. But a newspaper reporter like Catherine is adamant about pursuing the reality behind her parents' death and also the following murders around town. Undeterred, she soon finds numerous secrets of the small town. The murder mystery is a far cry from the Sookie Stackhouse stories in that it features no paranormal romance.

Harris sold her first book when she joined a creative writing class. When she turned in her story, her professor recommended her submission to a publisher and the result, as the cliché goes, is history. The best-selling author reveals in one interview that people actually hate her when she tells that story because it makes book publishing seem like a walk in the park.

Harris says that she has "faked read," which is when one pretends of having read and finished a book. Harris has stated during an interview she gave Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" a very good try and attempted to complete Thomas Mann's "The Magic Mountain."

Harris's fantasy romance is to marry Bones, the vampire who is married to half-vampire Cat from Jeaniene Frost's "Night Huntress" series. Harris did initially assume she would like to dream about being married to classic literature's most notable man Darcy ("Pride and Prejudice") and Mr. Rochester ("Jane Eyre") but made a decision that Bones is all the man she'll ever need. A vampire is hard to resist.

Charlaine Harris is a vampire - that's, pretend-vampire. The Mississippi-born, New York Times bestselling author carries a pair of custom-made fangs formed from her own teeth.

Harris come up with the now popular Sookie Stackhouse novels, which tell the grasping and thrilling lives of Bon Temps people (humans and otherwise), and definitely, the loves of Sookie, the telekinetic barmaid. Also referred to as The Southern Vampire Mysteries, the series has produced a number of titles such as "Deadlocked," and Sookie Stackhouse Book 12


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