Why Write a Book Review?

Why not write a book review. You already talk about your book reviews every day. You probably read a book and then tell your friend about the book you read. So you are already doing half the battle, but no one but a handful of people get to know about your book review. Why not help spread the word about the review by writing it down?

If you write a book review it lets you document the books you read. Having a documented past of the books you read is always nice, that it why most people use Goodreads. It lets them write a book review and document everything they have ever written.

Getting free books is always nice. When you write a book review on a website or sometimes even Amazon you can receive free ebook by authors wanting reviews. This doesn’t mean that you should sell yourself out and give an awesome review because it was a free book. It means you should have an ethical viewpoint for authors to see and understand what they get when they give you their book.

Make a difference in people’s writing world. When you write a review you are actually convincing people to choose or not to choose a book. That is a lot of pressure and something that you shouldn’t take lightly. You can help an author get more sales or you can make sure they sell nothing. That is a lot of power and part of the reason you need a code of ethics. You need everyone to understand how you review books, if it is fair, and what to expect. If it is a negative review, explain it really well. It is a positive review, explain it really well. It is quite simple, but don’t say it is terrible with no concrete information. This means you should write notes and use sticky notes when you read to remember specifics that made you angry or happy.  

Book publishing has changed so much and you can really make a difference in the industry by reading and writing your book review. Self-publishing has opened the doors for you to get your hands on some great new books and help decide what people choose. This isn’t an opportunity that presents itself to everyone. You can take it by the reins now and then you can really make a name for yourself.

I think it is important to remember to be honest when you write book reviews among anything else. Don’t let authors buy you off and you’ll keep a lot more of readers you work so hard to get. If you are dishonest it will always come back to haunt you.

Write a book review and change the future of books.


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