What Are the Survival Rates For Stage 4 Lung Cancer?

It is impossible to predict how long an individual will stay on this earth, regardless of the disease that they have. However, history and experience can be able to help us to have a slight idea about just how bad the situation is in regards to a particular disease. Stage four lung cancer, unfortunately, does not have favourable statistics to back it up. This is especially true  considering that there is no sure cure for this type of cancer once it has reached these advanced stages, and sometimes the worst is inevitable. However, there are certain factors as well as nuances that can come into play and that affect the survival rate of the patient.

For starters, the physical health of the individual, and their medical history, could affect their survival rate once they get lung cancer. If they were healthy individuals, the probability is that they will have a higher life expectancy than if they were tobacco smokers. This is because of the dangers of the chemicals in Tobacco, and it is one of the primary causes of this illness. Metastatic lung cancer, which is the other name for stage four lung cancers usually means that the cancer has developed fully in the lungs and is now spreading to other parts of the body. Any of the treatments provided at this stage will simply make the symptoms and pain less severe.

There are various types of stage four lung cancers, such as mesothelioma, and the particular type will affect the survival rate. There are stage four lung cancers which spread to only one region, while others spread extensively and go all the way to the bones. Stage four lung cancers that spreads to the bones is particularly painful and the statistics of the survival rate for such a lung cancer type are quite disheartening.

The age of the individual also affects their survival rate once they reach this advanced stage. Statistics show that the younger you are, the longer you are likely to live with this lung cancer stage as older people do not live longer once they reach this stage.

The sex of the individual also matters as statistics have shown that women with stage four lung cancers have a more positive life expectancy than male patients. The response to treatment also matters and there are various types of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These treatments have various benefits and side effects, and individuals who are unable to tolerate these treatments have a lower life expectancy rate.

Any health condition that you may have prior to the diagnosis will also affect the survival rate. Conditions such as emphysema, or any other previous lung condition could severely affect your survival rate and lower your life expectancy.

Stage four lung cancers may also come with certain complications. For example, there are some patients who develop blood clots in their lungs during this stage, and this can be detrimental. Such a complication will definitely reduce your chances of survival.

Stage four lung cancer does not have very friendly statistics but it is better to be positive as there are cases of individuals who have survived for as long as four years. With good treatment and an even better support system, the patient does have the chances of surviving long enough to experience some beautiful moments. 


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