Agile Project Management; All the Information

Agile project management is an extremely well known project management framework which gained fame due to its originality and uniqueness. Moreover, it is these traits which have led it to become one of the most used and talked about project management methodologies in the world. Agile project management combines all of the elements of product development, requirements, analysis, and design, developing and testing. Thus it has the ability to create a prototype in order to ensure it can succeed primary expectations. It also makes sure that all changes and improvements which are made are incorporated throughout the projects life cycle. 

Moreover, agile project management is also known for its Agile Manifesto. In fact it is this manifesto which makes up a great deal of the agile training courses. This manifesto comes all the way from the 1950’s; so way before I was born! At this time, project management first reared its head from the construction industry rather than the business industry. Therefore a better project management scheme was desperately in need; this is where agile was first formed. Agile project management introduced a 21st century approach to project management; an approach which quite literally took the world by storm and changed the face of project management forever. This thus led to the agile project management manifesto being introduced to the world. This was written by a group of professionals in the field, it underlines the key principles to the underlying philosophy of agile project management which should be believed and followed by all professionals who are adopting the agile methodology. 
However, there are many misconceptions regarding agile. Some of these myths include; the methods thinly disguise hacking, agile practitioners do not add value, agile practitioners do not plan, agile methods conflict with the principles in the PMBOK and finally the agile methods can be done quicker and without a project manager. However, these are simply myths and anyone who has attended the agile training course or has used the agile methodology will recognise this. 
The truth is; agile is the project management methods of the future; It has adapted and changed several times over the years in order to keep up with what is going on in the IT and software world. This is central to its success and popularity in the project management field. Agile project management has been successful in projects large and small for a wide range of different projects in all areas of society. further to this, both the users and the stake holders have reaped the benefits of using agile in their project management process as it has created them success and a lot of money!


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