Make Your Event Banner Stand Out

Event banners are commonly used by businesses to attract potential customers and clients at trade shows, festivals, fairs and more. They also can be used outside your place of business to announce a sale or major promotion.

In order to enjoy the best results for your efforts with the special event or sale you are running, you want your event banner to stand out and get notice. The goal of an event banner is, after all, to draw attention to you. Here are some great ways you can customize your event banner to draw the level of attention you want.

Add Movement

A great idea to consider is to add movement to your event banner. For example, feather banners can be used to draw attention with wind movement. These are most commonly used in outdoor settings. When used indoors, the lack of air movement may make them droop an be illegible and ineffective. Another option to consider is to add metallic sheen with banner printing that catches the attention of passersby.

The metallic sheen will glimmer in even moderate sunlight outdoors, and a spotlight can be placed on it indoors to ensure it attracts the eye of all who pass by. Keep in mind that other methods of movement can be added near the event banner to attract attention. For example, pinwheels or flags can be placed near a plain or decorative banner.

A Full Sensory Experience

Whether you are looking into banner or poster printing, you can consider how the strategic use of lights and music to accompany your banner or poster can draw attention to it. For example, small lights can be placed strategically in the design of the banner, and they can blink in rhythm to music. The lights and music should be used in a manner that is relevant to your business.

These are ideal for use in trade shows, as well as with indoor and outdoor retail settings, restaurants and more. Whether you choose to use only the lights or lights accompanied by music, these are sure to attract the attention of all who pass by the sign.

The point of your banner is to draw traffic to your booth or into your place of business. It simply cannot do its job in the most effective manner possible if it is boring and easy to overlook. By implementing some of these creative ideas in your design, you can most easily get the best results possible from the use of your banner.

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