How to Keep The Romance Alive - Keeping Your Marriage Going

Marriage, one single word with so many meanings as everyone has his or her own definition of marriage. It is one of the most complex relations of all. So living a married life is not as easy as it sounds. Marriage comes with a lot of things other than just romance. Hence, after a few years down the line it is quite natural that you may feel the romance in your married life is lost somewhere.

Marriage is not all bed of roses, as most of the people tend to think, it comes with responsibilities and in this fast-paced world keeping up with your work and family life is bound to take a toll on your relationship with your spouse. Besides when two people stay under one roof for a long time conflicts and misunderstandings are inevitable, which eventually leaves a sour taste in your mouth when you think of your marriage.

It may also happen that you get so busy with your work, kids, in-laws and what not, that someday you wake up and realize the spark in your relationship with your spouse has died out. So when your marriage is at the verge of falling apart due to lack of romance and yet you don’t want it to slip away from your hand, the big question that may arise in your mind is how to keep the romance alive and have a happily ever after.

Life somehow has a way of chipping at marriage, and tests your love for partner quite often than you can imagine. Even for the best of you, there may be tests waiting at any juncture of your life where you have to fight to save your marriage. However, there’s good news. There are many ways, if applied properly can revive the fading romance in your marriage and spice up your stale married life.

  • Start by making a list of all the things that attracted you to your partner in the first place. Remember all the little things that you used to do for each other, all the things you used to say to your partner, which made his or her face lit up. Also, remember the sacrifices you both did to make the relationship work, how you have acted like a guiding star to each other. All these things have added up to your relationship and helped you come a long way. So if you are experiencing some trouble in your marriage think about all those things that have made your marriage possible and you will instantly get a boost to work harder to keep your marriage alive and kicking.

  • Start dating again. This will give you a chance to spend some quality time with each other. You can explore new places together, have lunch or dinner at your favorite joint and talk endlessly. This will help you to know your partner in a better way and you will come to know of the things that you have missed in your partner’s life. You can also go for a long drive for a change.

  • Expression of love is very essential for marriage. But we often tend to forget it. An occasional I love you, or saying that you case can certainly act as magic and revive your relationship. However, don’t say it out of habit; explain it to your partner why you love him or her so much. This will add that special touch to your marriage and your spouse will know that how deeply you still feel for the other person.

  • Communication plays an important role in any relationship. This will help you to know your partner in a better way and understand what he or she wants from you. Asking simple question that “how was the day at work?” or “how is he or she feeling” will show your care and affection and also help you open up to each other and you will see that all the suppressed emotions and unspoken things, which were never said or communicated and years have passed will come pouring out.

  • Take some time off to spend with your partner, whether it is at home or someplace else. However it is easier said than done. Taking some time off from your busy schedule is never easy but in order to revive a stale marriage you must do it at all costs. When the two of you are together try to know each other instead of discussing the chores of your daily lives and you will how it will spice up your marriage.

  • When it comes to marriage, physical intimacy plays an important role. Just a simple touch of your hand or an occasional kiss can certainly do the trick. Remember the days when you used to just hold hands and get lost in each other’seyes. It may seem silly after many years of marriage, but try it and you will see the magic. You must also pay attention to your love making as well.Try to create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom as this helps spice up love making to a great extent.

  • Put some extra effort and surprise your partner, even if it’s a just a bouquet of roses or your spouse’s favorite meal. Remember the element of surprise never fails when it comes to marriage.

  • Make it a point to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays or the first day you met your spouse. Remember the dates and make special plans for them. This will add that extra zing to your marriage

  • Physical attraction also plays a great role in a romantic relation. However years of struggling to keep up with your hectic life may have taken a toll on yourself and you may have forgot to take proper care of yourself the way you used to. A few extra pounds or that unshaven beard may also spoil the charm of your marriage. So start taking care of yourself. Join a gym and shed those extra bulges, get a new haircut, change your wardrobe and change the way you dress, try experimenting with your make-up, visit your beautician regularly, all these things will definitely bring a definitive difference to your appearance and help your spouse notice you and get attracted to you all over again.

Romance means different things to different people. But when it comes to marriage giving importance to spouse's liking and disliking is what matters the most. In a marriage, it’s the small things that counts, but you often tend to ignore them. So put some extra effort in rediscovering your partner and you will see how easily it will lead you to a romantic happily ever after. 


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