Understanding Thai Massage And Its Benefits

Thai massage is a form of medical practice founded more than 2,400 years ago and carried on by Shivago Komarpaj. It has since become famous especially in Thailand because the great Buddha also underwent treatment in the old days. It is thought that Thai massage is a combination resulting from Indian, Chinese and Thai philosophies and medicinal practices.

One understands the terms sen to be meridian and the term lom to be energy in English. These form the basis of Thai massage. There are mainly 10 meridians which every student will learn about and lom or energy flow is taught to them.

The translation of Thai massage or nuat boran is ancient massage. In Thai massage the air is helped along the airways which number 72,000 present in the human body. The pathways are called 'sen' lines and by locating points on the sen lines, the massage therapist pushes the air that is present towards the orifices of the body. One uses yoga along with stretching exercises, as this helps to make the body loose and supple.

The imbalance of forces in the body are located along points of pressure and thus energy points are released. The therapeutic effect of the exercises is used to make the body regain its original calm and peaceful state. One needs to give the person loose clothing so that he is free to move around. The living being is made of pranic network which vibrates according to the spiritual, psychological and physiological states of existence of the person or being. It is the steady state of flow that determines the person's health. The balance of the energy present should be evenly distributed.

The various yoga positions are repeated in a particular sequence in order to achieve the flow of energy smoothly. Depending on the person and his disposition, the various changes are suggested by the massage therapist who will try and get the person to become entirely comfortable again. There is also aroma oil massage for some special cases.

The glorious Thai-Old School was founded several tens of years ago and is even now truing plenty of students in the art. It is in Chiang Mai which has more massage clinics than any other place in the country. The place which began with 10 beds now has become large and is taking in patients regularly for treatment.

At this place, the students will learn how to heal, the history of massage therapy and the benefits that accrue from it. This school has many foreign students. There are many videos and books on the subject and about the school. Together with practical training at the clinic, many other topics are covered in the course such as communication and ethics, herbal compress package analysis and ethics.

It is the extensive profusion of clinics and massage centers that are being run by the ex-students who passed out, which is the talking point. It can be used to treat a wide range of ailments. It is preferred since it does not involve complicated medicines. More people are being attracted to this kind of treatment.

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