What is Online Media Buying?

Online Media Buying is the process of purchasing advertising on web properties. While this is usually directly from the owner of the property, there's also various networks that have made this process a bit easier by having a list of sites that you can buy from, without having to go through any time consuming activities, such as having to contact webmasters over and over until you get a response.

Media Buying, in a sense, is the process of finding the absolute best places to advertise your product through demographic research, thorough testing and campaign optimization.

What is the purpose of Media Buying?

Media Buys can bring you extremely high quantity, high quality, targeted traffic in a short amount of time if you have a large budget and you optimize your campaigns properly. This can be beneficial for big brands and even affiliate marketers. It's great for Branding purposes, but even better for optimizing conversion rates.

How do I get Started in Media Buying?

We have a great resource to getting started with my Media Buying Guide here

SiteScout is a great way to get started in Media Buying. They have a very user friendly platform that allows you to get going in the right direction in a timely manner. But there's other sources out there, including the Google Content Network. You can run Placements with banners and get much higher quality traffic compared to running normal content network campaigns with text ads.

Should I try out Media Buying?

Media Buying is not a safe source for beginner marketers who have large budgets. It's not wise to blindly throw money out and hope for the best. Please go through my Media Buying guide above and you'll learn a much safer approach to buying media online, including how to do proper demographic research.

Always test small and scale slowly.

If you have any questions, please ask them below.


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