Do “Stay Hard” Creams Really Work

Male erectile dysfunction, better known as ED, can put a major kink in sexual activity. Whether you are a young or older man, it is important to be able to experience a healthy sex life with your partner. In fact, many men are looking for a solution to ED. 

What are Stay Hard Creams

Being able to stay hard longer has nothing to do with being a sexual pervert or sex addict.  It is a natural desire for most men, and it confirms to your partner that you desire them and wish to prolong the sensual process of making love with them. The intimate connection you make with your partner is very important. 

There are many ways to deal with ED. One such manner is by using a stay hard cream. There are many brands on the market. The best way to find one that is good for you is by trying different brands. Overall, stay hard creams have the same ingredients, just in different amounts. This means that some creams can be stronger than others.  It is advised that you read all labels before using any sexual enhancing products.

How do They Work

Typically, stay hard creams are comprised of lanolin and benzocaine-active. Benzocaine is commonly known to relieve topical pain and acts as a pain reliever in the form of a local anesthetic. This ingredient is the active ingredient in many pain relievers that you can buy over the counter. 

Benzocaine has also been known to be an ingredient used in condoms that delay ejaculation by numbing the penis. This may sound like it is unfavorable, but it helps men maintain an erection longer. Lanolin is a moisturizer that can make skin softer and healthy.

Do These Creams Work

Stay hard creams tend to be less expensive than prescriptions and even some over the counter drugs you can purchase for prolonged erectile hardness. You may be wondering if stay hard creams really work. 

Overall, the answer is yes. As with any other product you purchase, you have to be aware of how the cream actually works. Everyone is different, as well. For some men it may take less stay hard cream, and for others, it may take more.

Reviews have stated that stay hard creams work best when applied to the penis then sheathed by a condom, so their partner does not feel the effects of the cream.  Stay hard creams tend to cause a slight bit of temporary numbness, so discussing this side-effect with your partner is best before proceeding with any sexual act. 

It has been pointed out that stay hard cream works best when it is applied to the penis no sooner than five minutes before sex. Some men have even stated that they applied the cream before ejaculation to keep from ejaculating prematurely. It prolongs the sexual experience and extends the amount of time you use making love to your partner.

To answer the question about whether stay hard creams actually work is to state that it is a positive experience for most men when used properly. The experience itself is something that helps prolong erectile hardness and helps with ED. Stay hard creams are typically inexpensive and can be found online.


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