How to Properly Honor Our Veterans

Honoring our veterans is one of the most important things that people can do. These men and women are the ones that give us the freedom that we have each day, and they in many cases, sacrificed so that we could have all of the rights that we do.

These men and women signify what it means to be brave, and we as American citizens should do anything within our power to honor their bravery. Below are a few things that can be done to properly honor the veterans of the United States.

Awards Ceremonies:

There is nothing that will make veterans more proud, than giving them recognition with an award. These awards are typically just framed certificates for accomplishments achieved, but they mean the world to every veteran that receives one. The certificate should state what they are being honored for, their name, and it should be signed by whoever is giving the award. They will be proud to get the award to display on their wall for all to see.

Recognition in Parades:

Having a group of hometown veteran heroes be the Grand Marshalls in a parade will have them beaming with joy. This is a great way to show them that you appreciate them, and it will give a chance for children and older people alike to actually meet these people that keep them protected everything with the rights that they hold dear.

Host a Massive Barbeque on Veterans Day with Veterans Being Honored Guests

Veterans do not feel like they are heroes, they just feel like they are doing their job. This is part of what makes them such heroes, they are very humble. There is nothing more American than a BBQ with corn on the cob, iced tea, potato salad, steak on the grill and side dishes on a warm summers day.

This will give a chance for the veterans to mingle among other guests, and you could even put them at the podium to tell their own story. Recognition to these people would make them feel wonderful on the inside, and this is the perfect way to do it. A BBQ usually has games as well, to get everyone involved in the festivities.

Fundraise For a Memorial

Memorials are not just for people who are deceased. Raising the money to erect a memorial listing all servicemen in a regional area who served the country at one point or another is a lasting recognition to honor veterans. These memorials are usually made of slate, bronze or other durable materials and they will last for hundreds of years. This is no better way to have a long-standing gift than to recognize veterans in this way. They will get great pride when they see it, and their families will as well.

Do Nice Things for Them on Veterans Day

Everyone likes to be appreciated and acknowledged, even veterans. On Veterans Day, knock on their door and thank them for serving the country. There is nothing that will give them more pride than people noticing what they contributed to make the country a better place. Mow their lawn, invite them over for drinks or ask if there is anything that you can do for them. These men and women deserve to be noticed.

Start an Organization to Help Wounded Veterans or Children of Veterans who are deceased

While living veterans do enjoy being recognized, they also never forget their brothers and sisters who became wounded or died as a result of serving our country. Veterans will be happy to be a part of such a wonderful cause, and the people who are wounded or have lost a parent will need every bit of help that they can get.

Wounded veterans face many day to day struggles and extensive medical care at times. These people cannot always afford to live when they are expending such heavy sums on their care. That is why the organization would be a great thing. Many children who saw their parents off to battle, and who have lost them, will never have the same benefits that they would have had with their parent present.

College educations, clothing, food and other things cost a lot of money, so anything that can be given to help these families could make all the difference in the world to them. Some veterans who are wounded even have to have their homes removed, to accommodate their disabilities for war. If they live in older homes, they may need things such as wider doorways built, handicap accessible bathroom, wheelchair ramps and other things, depending on how severe their disability is. Help from an organization could change their quality of life a great deal.

Always remember to honor our veterans in any way possible, just as they have honored us in their service to our country.


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