Common Dreams

When we sleep we often dream, and those dreams can often be surprisingly common between different dreamers as a number of common themes are repeated. This article looks at some of the more common dreams that we are likely to share.

Being Unable To Run

Being unable to run is a not uncommon dream that people have and can have man different meanings. The setting may not always be the same - for example you may be trying to run away from a monster or fiend of some sort but find your feet are glued to the ground or you may be at a school sports day and having told everyone what a great runner you are you find your legs are tethered together and that you keep falling to the ground as you attempt to run. Ultimately you become more of a hindrance to your team than a help, despite your talent in athletic events.


Man has often looked up at the birds in the skies and wondered how amazing it would be to fly and this dream, when experienced, can also take place in many different settings as we explore a new sense of freedom. We can be flying of our own volition, perhaps jumping higher and higher with each bound until we don't come down, or we can be flying in a hot air balloon, enjoying the scenery below us and understanding much of what it much be like to be able to fly like a bird. Of course, the good news is that while we can't bound into ever more lofty positions, we can fly in a hot air balloon, thereby making it easy to recreate a pleasant dream.

Finding One's Self Suddenly Naked

Being found with no clothes on is a classic dream whereby the protagonist is doing something significant in public - such as giving a big speech - only to look down and realise that they aren't wearing any clothes and that everyone is too shocked by this to listen to what they are saying. This sort of dream can sometimes mean that the dreamer is insecure or worried about something and if they can get to the bottom of this concern then they are likely to quit this type of dream.

As you can see there are plenty of common dreams - are there any that you have that recur and are worthy of discussion?

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