IT Consulting The Needs Of A Mobile Site
Most IT consulting firms deal with requests for solutions to reduce the increasing disparity amongst websites and web platforms that cannot cater to the mobile web traffic influx. The IT services industry has been on the brink of the mobile revolution for quite some time now, but hasn’t yet well handled the situation; which has led to the said disparity. It is what we can relate as an analogy to a neo-idiom – “Man Proposes, Web Disposes”. We shall herein, explore the tips, guidance and advice from the standpoint of IT consulting, which can reduce this said disparity – one that can affect the growth of a culture that relies on mobile and smartphones for the surfing and daily lifestyle management purposes.
Firstly, most businesses haven’t warmed up to the probability that their websites are great vantages for their customers, and as Internet and technology have evolved, much traffic shall pour from mobile based web requests. But we know it that, fundamentally a website prepared for mainstream PC and large screen browsing cannot be re-conceived or optimized for the mobile web.
Businesses must be open to reasoning offered during IT consulting, such as have responsive UI design, invest in WAP or based mobile alternates, expose relevant web services from main site that will make creation of the mobile app a seamless and cost-effective exercise. They should be willing to let go of old designs if it is not mobile friendly.  A pre-planned strategy made with help if appropriate IT consulting from web 2.0 experts will help reduce the time and cost involved in procuring such IT services.
Secondly, from the point of view of technical consulting, the role played by screen size, resolution, connectivity (which is intermittent in then mobile world), need for offline synchronization of data, low battery, small processing speed, less hard disk space, etc. are paramount in the design, architecture and creation of the mobile web. A website cannot be enough optimized for the mobile web browsing if proper IT consulting is not procured to discuss and account for such factors.
Thirdly, the sociological and psychological aspects must be reviewed in every mobile design process during IT consulting. A mobile website must cut down on space allotted to static pages like About Us, Core Values, etc. – pages that are perhaps less relevant to the user when browsing via mobile. The impulse should be to make a mobile surfing experience that helps users find relevant information quickly and with less effort. This means that IT consulting along the lines of screen size, relevance of display, screen responsive actions, intuitive usability factors etc is a must.
While there are many new UI/UX design IT services and tools like Twitter’s Bootstrap that can help in the design of layouts for mobile and web simultaneously, the following factor will tell induce an idea of the shortcomings that mars it; which can again truncate prospects.
Other standard IT consulting advice must be taken along lines of how to render lightening fast pages on the mobile. One must realign the layout such that a direct and easy to comprehend content tab is reflected when the page loads. This includes making icons and buttons larger in size to cater to touch screen navigability.
Finally, the front-end of a mobile website must be pre-optimized as a part of the IT services via geo-location based analytics, to deliver locally relevant content. Mobile websites have been showing a huge difference in their rankings and re-visit metrics when their loading pages are more locally relevant. IT consulting firms must now begin to empathize and communicate self-awareness of such basic issues which can often be crucial to their mobile web identity.


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