Discover the Identity of Your Mystery Caller

On one busy Monday morning, when you are getting ready for that important meeting, your cell phone rings. You look at the screen display and either accept the call or reject it. Another time of the day, you are busy at a movie theater with your best friend, while enjoying some popcorn and candy, your mobile rings with an unknown or no number displayed. These situations are very common these days. Studies have reported, that all over the world these scenarios are being reported daily and consumers are under continuous threat of encroaching privacy.

Our privacy is our very own and we would like to keep it the same way. What becomes bothering is that we are being watched upon and there is complete threat of existence. Science and technology have their own benefits. It has given mankind all that are required to make life smoother, faster and hassle free. Through various gadgets in the kitchen, home appliances, computer and laptops, rockets and missiles, science has made our lives easier. But there are several people who with ulterior motives that try to take disadvantage and make science a curse for us. Think about hackers on the internet. You don’t know when your privacy is at threat, when your personal financial information is getting public. Be aware, be cautious.

Getting calls from unknown numbers and even no number display are very common. You have two options- you answer the call or reject the call. It also happens that when you call back, the number does not exist. What do you do? You should be cautious and report these anomalies to the nearest police station. On recurrence of these events, please contact your cell phone operator and ask them for call tracing services.

These days there are so many applications and ways which we can use or take service from to get a trace of these mysteries and prank callers. Cell phones these days are preloaded with many applications like call tracer, auto call reject, call recorder, caller identification and many others which can help you get back to these unknown callers.

Unlike land phones, cell phones do not have a register of owners. The reason is simple- one person can have multiple connections and hence maintaining such a mammoth database is not feasible. Also the users can be different as cell phone companies can allow portability with a different service provider. The mystery callers primarily restore to some unknown, unregistered number to make the calls. Also they can deactivate the caller line identification service on their cell phone and then act accordingly. These people are very much tech savvy and have hands on knowledge of these up-to-date technologies.

Reverse search of the phone number that has flashed on your mobile screen is a very popular way to identify these mystery callers. These reverse search means that you are searching for the owner through the number. Ideally you search for the person and then can figure out the place from where the call has been generated. You can avail the services on internet free of cost, however, for a more close search, you pick up some online paid services. These will give you an authentic search.

There's plenty of services that exist to assist you in tracing calls, although nothing is fail-proof. Reverse Lookup's are helpful in many cases. There's some free services and there's also slightly better versions which cost a little bit of money, such as:

If you find that you're having a lot of problems you should contact your service provider, or use a service such as:


over 10 years ago

I've never heard of TrapCall, I'll have to look at that. I have someone calling my phone every day lately and it's getting pretty annoying!

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