International Call Forwarding- New way to connect worldwide

International call forwarding is an emerging technology that helps you to stay connected to anybody in any country irrespective of your location. This is a very welcome feature for people who are having a good chunk of overseas customers.

You can of course provide your overseas customer your original number. But that will not encourage them to call you as the number will be international for them and international calling is complex and costly.  Your toll free business number works locally or at most across the home country. Thus providing them with that will not help them either. Moreover, it is very difficult to connect to toll free numbers from abroad.

The solution is international call forwarding. It is simple to implement. You provide your overseas customers with a toll free number of their country and when they dial that number, the call gets forwarded to your original number, no matter where in the world you are.

It can be called a virtual number, which automatically re-routes calls to you or your organization. The virtual number can be programmed to forward calls to your chosen number, be it a mobile or a landline or a call centre.  In whatever manner you set it up, the ease of use brings more customers to you. Customers feel confident as they don’t have to pay a huge sum to the telephone company, nor do require the help of any operator.

This can cause immense benefit to your company as the customers will call you more and more. Set up these virtual numbers in countries of your choice and achieve more success with overseas client by making it easy for them to reach you.

However there are two major challenges to overcome. If the target country is China, you must have your calls forwarded to someone speaking Mandarin and Cantonese.  Moreover, you should have people attending to these numbers 24*7 as callers are from different time zones and they will call at their convenient time only.

The second challenge is a bit more acute than the former. Suppose you attend the calls yourself. You will not be in the office all day so you have to program it to forward the calls to your personal mobile phone for the hours you will spend at home or on your way to the office. For the office hours, you can get these calls forwarded to your office landline.

If you think you can handle these challenges then you should go forward and have an international call forwarding for your overseas client as this facility will surely attract more customers and in time, more profit.

International Call Forwarding is like having a virtual number. When customers call this toll free number, they get connected to you or your organisation, irrespective of your actual location. Thus the customers save money and interact with you more, in turn adding to your revenue.


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