Samsung Galaxy Nexus to get Android Jelly Bean Upgrade

Samsung has lined up the best efforts for its galaxy series of smart phones and the result is out there for all to see. This smart phone range has it all for the users. They include the entry range smart phones for the budget conscious people and from there, the series stretches up to providing some of the best smart phones which are quite premium devices in nature. They have android phones and tablets that are playing havoc in the markets and happy customers expand business prospective.

They had launched their galaxy nexus phone and nexus tablet some time back and these gadgets worked wonders for the techno savvy customers all around the world. Now the latest version of the Android OS series is out and people are making a beeline for it. So if one already has a Samsung galaxy nexus, how to make the best of the update?

Here is some good news for all the owners as now one can get the latest updates on the OS as it is being released soon into the market. So what is the big deal with the updates? Every software gets updates and so do phones but what makes this so special? The point is that once the phone gets updated, one will not only have access to all the new features but of all these features the most awaited and the most exciting one is the presence of Project Butter which has been doing rounds on the internet right from the day people got to know of it. The smoother touch and transition is what this update is all about and guarantees a butter-smooth result. This Google phone has been going off the shelves faster than hot cakes and so the announcement of an update was expected real soon.

Now it has been officially declared that the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be rolled out with the Jelly Bean OS that is a relief for all the fans out there who have been waiting to buy the phone with the updated OS. The links for updates are soon to be released for those who have the phone with the previous version of the phone. Well one can also come to know about the fact that the adobe flash player will not be supported on the device after the update which can be a minor inconvenience depending on the circumstances.

The OMAP 4460 chipset remains the same and will support the graphics efficiently but the feel of the Jelly bean OS will stick to the set and make all the difference, this is what makes the phone as one of the most demanding ones in the market. The dual core cortex A9 processor under the hood of the Samsung galaxy nexus will also be under the hood as in the other devices but the difference can be felt during multitasking as speed and performance is what the processor guarantees and delivers. This advanced processor makes working in this phone faster and better.

The updates are only for the software as one can see that the phone will still look the futuristic device that it is now with its 4.65 inch super AMOLED screen, 5 MP primary cameras and no physical buttons in the front. You definitely cannot afford missing on this mesmerizing phone.


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