Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Plans to Spoil the Party for iPad Mini

Samsung scored the best with its galaxy series and when the Samsung Galaxy S3 hits the markets with Top Selling Smartphone things got to the next level. It is not an unfamiliar statement if it is said that the galaxy s3 is the best from Samsung to hit the market yet.

The international markets are in sync with this and the sales figures say the tale in a much louder way as the s3 sales figures hit the 10 million mark within just a hundred days from its official release into the market. This feat itself tells us a lot about the legacy of the phone and now Samsung is going to better its own self and give something over this as an improvement.

The world has still a lot more left to celebrate as many are yet to have the best from the S3 but rumors are rife that a mini S3 is just around the corner and is about to hit the market. This will definitely redefine the word small as nothing about the mighty s3 can be small. The events which gave rise to the rumors are quite realistic and no wonder that people are waiting with baited breath for the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. The event is supposed to take place in Germany and guarantees to be something unique.

There are already talks going on about the Korean firm coming up with the S3 plus which promises to be the ultimate for the users. If they are also planning to get the s3 mini out on the same day then this will definitely add more colors to the event.

Rumors have it that the galaxy s3 mini will hit the markets with a 5 megapixel camera, a 4 inch super AMOLED screen and a dual core processor. This phone is said to be a direct attack on the iPhone 5 and the cost is also said to be less than even half of the apple product. These technological giants are really sweating it out and the legal troubles they had with each other has only made the battle even bitterer.

The iPad mini is nearing its launch and this trump card by Samsung will be a huge hurdle for Apple. But the mini guarantees to be an ace performer and the big question hanging now is whether the Samsung galaxy S3 mini will be an impact loud enough to cover the mini iPad?


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