HTC Desire S Android Smartphone in Stealth Black Sim Free Available in UK

There are many HTC phones out in the market which many prefer to have or have in their pockets. These phones are not specific to any segment but are widely spread such that each phone has something specific to offer to the user and the price tag remains fair.

The latest to talk about from HTC are many but let us focus on one of their best till date, the desire series. The HTC Desire S is quite a piece to go for and there are many waiting to get their hands on this one. The phone is a rare combination of good looks and combination and is quite fairly priced in the markets as they have to mind the competition too.

Like all the other phones this one too is an Android SIM free phone which is making great impressions right in the first sight. The looks of the phone are quite unique and when in the hand the phone gives off a rich feel. The main reason for this has to be the Unibody aluminum design which is a part of some serious revamping that is being done on the Desire series.

The exterior of the phone is surely a treat for the eyes. It does not boast of a very superior camera performance but the 5 MP cameras are pretty decent at capturing images and recording. Other photo editing effects make it even better for the media purposes.

The VGA camera on the front is also perfect for video chatting and such other purposes. The LED flash just adds up for a better photographic experience with the new HTC Desire S. The battery is also quite powerful and even with the camera and the net surfing at a decent rate the phone remains juiced up for a day. Talking of net surfing the user can get quite a decent experience on the 3.7 inch screen of the Desire S and super LCD just makes it all the way better. This android SIM free phone is quite slim and runs on the Android Ginger bread OS but a faster processor would have been welcomed.

HTC Desire S with stunning design with power speed with 1GHz snapdragon processor HTC Desire S offers outstanding performance and power pack back up. The Smartphone is with HD Video recording.  The best way we can believe of to review the Desire S is by comparing it to its nearest and dearest. Most Incredible HTC Desire S with LED flash, loudspeaker and the other to authorize access to the 1450mAh battery and SIM and MicroSD card slots.


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