Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Apple iPhone 5 – Compare Features, Specification Showdown

There are no doubts about the label of the best phone being announced to the Samsung Galaxy S2.  The competition was well won by the high powered phone and was a huge hit amongst the customers too.  This year too, Samsung has had the opportunity to impress the masses with its all new Samsung Galaxy S3. The device somehow has not been able to impress the masses as its ancestor.  With this, the opportunities for the iPhone 5 to impress the market may open up and explore newer heights.

The first impression of the latest Samsung Galaxy S3 did not catch up much roar in the market.  The S - Voice facility is one of the catchiest ones in this device. With the help of this feature one can control the various kinds of the features of the phone with the help of the voice command. In contradiction, Apple with its Siri service on the 5th version of the iPhone offers extreme functionalities with a lot more for the customers to look forward to.

With the new version of the Siri Software available for the iPhone 5, the iPhone might attain more push into the market compared to the Galaxy version.  Though the iPhone lacks a new design, on the contrary the Samsung S3 Galaxy has come with the new designs to please the customer needs and requirements.

One of the major sectors where the Samsung Galaxy S3 highly impresses the crowd is through the processing that it offers.  The Exynos 4212 quad core chipset that the phone incorporates helps it to process better and higher in performance that impresses the crowd for sure.

The Apple iOS is no less in competition when it comes to giving a high performance.  The platform of the iPhone 4S itself has set outstanding performance standards for the newer version of the same. The performance of the Apple iOS has managed to beat the performance of the many Android based phones easily.

The latest model of the iPhone would host a bigger screen and 4G connectivity and so a greater processing boost may well be required for sure.  With advancement in the chipset for the iPhones, it is quite possible for the processes to boost up for the iPhone series.

Though there are some voids left behind by the launch of the Galaxy S3, people expect a lot from the 5th version of the iPhone.  The expectations associated with the phone were quite high to which it could comply much and has left a room behind for the iPhone to fill up to.  The phone has been easily comparable to other devices. Depending on the variety of the features that the iPhone holds, its catch in the market will be decided.


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