BlackBerry 10 Operating System

Right now, RIM is lining up high-quality applications for the BB 10 OS kick off that looks to be coming at some point soon after Jan. 21.

That's the due date for designers to become suitable for your firm's "10K commitment," a promotion where they are guaranteed at least $10,000 each if their app goes by quality standards and also makes $1,000 by itself. App World exposed for BlackBerry 10 submissions currently.

RIM's vice president of builder relations, Alec Saunders, wouldn't say whether the 10K commit deadline is tied to the scheduled platform release, indicating simply that the revolutionary BlackBerry 10 OS remains scheduled for "the first quarter" of the season. (One specialist brought up now that it will not start until finally March.) However with the 10K Commitment applications guaranteed to become fantastic, RIM possibly would like to start its new phones with these apps in the store.

"Our goal would be to obtain a mass of applications within the store ahead of kick off," Saunders said.

Simple to Write For

There are previously 105,000 applications in BlackBerry App World, Saunders mentioned. Yet to make the most of the many modern capabilities of BlackBerry 10, which we'd a hands-on with last month, designers will need to begin again. Thankfully, that is rather effortless, Saunders stated.

"At BlackBerry Jam Americas we handed out the very first 'dev alpha' (devices) with all the very first releases of software on them. Men and women set up at 7 a.m., and also by noon, people had code running," he mentioned.

Saunders explained it's significant to RIM to really make it lucrative and also simple to write apps for the revolutionary program. Coders who prefer to write applications for BlackBerry will be capable to use a broad range of APIs, plus frequent carrier billing has produced it straightforward for even teenage buyers to pay for apps, he explained.

"The normal BlackBerry creator is generating $4,000/month from the work they do," he explained. "In markets the place we've stimulated carrier billing, we perceive striking increases in packages as well as purchases of applications. … it truly is been a very critical level for all of us simply because a lot of these kids will not qualify for PayPal or Visa, but they are spending a cellular phone bill," Saunders stated.

"Pent Up Demand"

Of course, for programmers to help a platform, another person must be acquiring the mobile phones. BlackBerry share of the market has become cratering in North America - as outlined by IDC, it really is now beneath 5% of all mobile phones sold around the world. However the program is still doing properly in many other nations, and also there is a "pent up demand" amongst the 80 million current BlackBerry end users for brand spanking new gadgets, Saunders stated.

"We realize from talking to folks who have left BlackBerry how much they miss it, and then we know from the research studies we've done that there will be high demand," he explained.

"You can find 2 items I continually see from designers at this point. One of them is, 'we had no clue it was so easy to create on this system,' along with the 2nd is, 'RIM deals with us much better than anybody else in phone currently," he stated.

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