Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets Android Jelly Bean OS Update Available in November for UK

There are many brands which are competing amongst each other for the coveted spot of the summit in the elite super phone segment which gives one the best devices with the latest of everything to offer to the customers.

Many brands have come up with their top models and claim to have given their best at it. Many of these brands are selected by the loyal customers but when it comes to appealing to the global markets all over alike, not many are able to do it. There is no formula nor is there any record required to be broken but still it is a task even harder than it looks.

So far only Samsung has been able to break the code and set themselves in a comfortable position in this segment as their flagship phone the Samsung galaxy s3 is not only the most wanted smart phone in the international markets but Samsung has also managed to keep the device well priced giving it an appeal which many other brands simply cannot afford.

Technically speaking, the phone has excelled at everything and gives the best value for the money invested on it. Samsung has kept the design and the exterior of the phone quite simple and minimalistic and it is under the hood that one will be amazed as performance is personified by the s3. But what made a difference in the market was that soon after the release of the phone the Android Jelly Bean OS made its debut into the mobile phone world.

The users of the Samsung Galaxy S3 found out that the new OS was all about smoother interface. With the project butter which promised the user to have a smoother interface with hardly any glitch caught the fancy of many. There are many other features too which has made the new OS quite a success into the techno world.

Those who have had the chance to use the new OS on certain device know the difference and it was predicted that the galaxy s3 users too will demand for the new OS and so Samsung has prepared the OS update for its premium phone. Though the official date for releasing the links for the Android Jelly Bean OS update has not been released yet there are many versions roaming around in the net. It is being said that the UK version for the OS update will be available in November. 

The Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 has a 4.8" HD Super AMOLED screen for simple, at ease viewing. With Pop up play and the influential Quad-Core mainframe, you can fob watch HD videos in another window while sending an email or text at the same time. Resize the video, haul it to where you would like, chat with your friends or surf the web at your free time. All Share Play enables you to have distant access to documents and multimedia files on your Galaxy phone whilst operational on a screen somewhere else.


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