Smartphone Security Tips: Keep Information on your Smartphone Safe

No doubt your Smartphone is an expensive thing to own but the information saved on it no less expensive. In fact, sometimes you store such information on your cell phone which is much more than being just expensive.

 Here you have Smartphone security tips to keep your personal information safe :

Handle your Smartphone the way you handle your Computer or Laptop

You can’t forget that smart phones are much more than just being phones. They are indeed mini computers in your pocket. So, you got to handle them as critically as you do with your computer because even when you won’t think in this way, hacker will definitely do this, he will treat your iPhone, or Android, or Blackberry as computer offering your personal information. So take care of the data encryption, and don’t forget to use anti-virus the way you use it on your computer (Of course, the anti-virus for mobile phones is different from the ones meant for computers).

Beware of Connecting to Open WI-Fi Source

It really feels good to use the Wi-Fi when it is for free.  You love it, isn’t it? But it isn’t safe at all, so don’t get too excited to use the Wi-Fi connectivity available for free.  You got to know that a Wi-Fi hotspot can be both used and misused by its creator, and if you got to use the one offered by somebody with devil in mind, you’d really be in trouble. So if you’re using an open and free Wi-Fi option available to you, for shopping and entering your credit card details, there is a real good chance of your credit card details getting exposed to the hackers.

Keep Backup of your Data to have it safe

You might think that the troubles with your data would only come when it will get hacked, or somebody will purposely steal it from you?  But you’d be wrong if you think that way, your data is unsafe because of several many reasons. Suppose you get the data accidentally deleted or formatted or some virus corrupts everything upon your phone.  Well, it can be just anything, so the best security is to take back up from time to time. The good news is that there are special Smartphone security applications offering feature like remote backup. This proves helpful in getting the backup of your data and in keeping your information safe and sound.

Don’t Try Saving Passwords in Text Documents. It is Foolishly Unsafe

Saving any kind of sensitive data or passwords on a text document on your phone is really dangerous and unsafe. Don’t you ever try doing such a foolish thing! One great thing to do is download special apps for saving your passwords and sensitive data in the hiding and keeping everything safe.

Protect your Smartphone with Cell phone Security Apps

There are various security apps for mobile phones available in the market. Simply get the one which best suits your purpose and is compatible with your smart phone’s operating system. This will not just ensure the safety of the data on your phone but will also keep the cell phone devices safe. And most importantly, you’ll be able to have complete remote access to your phone and locate it even if it gets misplaced, lost or stolen.


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