Why Does Everybody Love TV So Much?

Ever since TV was invented, society has changed. We spend our entertainment time and money differently, we buy different things, wear different clothes, and interact with each other different. It's easy to see why TV can be thought of as the element that quickly changed society.

To understand why this is, we need to understand human behavior, and a little bit of history. For a long time in history, people had to work a large portion of their waking hours just to make ends meet. People didn't have very much leisure time. Weekends were spent doing laundry and catching up on the newspapers.

Then when the economy started taking off in the fifties, people started making more money, jobs became more efficient, and people had a lot more leisure time. Coincidentally, technological advances were moving forward by leaps and bounds. This was a confluence of two wonderful events. Not only did people have more free time, but they now had something to do other than listen to the radio or read those old paperback novels.

This is when TV exploded. Not to be left behind, advertisers jumped on this opportunity. TV presented a completely new way to reach people's minds. Imagine the state of mind you're in when reading the newspaper. It's a very active process. If you see an advertisement, it's static. You have to make an effort to get the information on the page to seep into your brain.

TV, on the other hand, is much easier on the viewer. It's much more passive. You are put in a relaxed, almost sleepy state of mind. That makes it much easier for advertisers to slip those thoughts into your brain like they are your own. It also helps that those messages are helped along by very attractive people.

Of course, the fact that people had more and more disposable income meant that they could afford all those things that were advertised on TV. And that meant people bought more stuff, which meant that the economy took off even further, which meant people had more money and more free time.

It is this confluence of events that made TV such an instant smash hit, and why it will continue to be so. So next time you're watching TV and you see an advertisement come on, don't change the channel. What are you seeing is the sole reason for the economic superiority of the west. Watch those ads with happiness, and buy those products!

If you'd like to buy a new TV, then you're in good company. Many people like you choose to buy a new TV so they can enjoy life more.


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