Why I Love Shark Tank

There's a lot of good (and some great) TV shows on television these days, but there's very few realistic shows, especially shows about real-life Business. I started watching Shark Tank during the first season, and I've come to realize that the show is becoming more and more "serious." While the show is an Americanized version of Dragon Den, they've done a great job of making it feel original.

You see, I realize that all TV shows are "made for TV," no matter what they're based on, including "true stories." But Shark Tank provides a lot of Entrepreneurs with solid advice from guys like Mark Cuban, who I definitely look up to as a great Entrepreneur. Each episode is designed to keep you tuned in, including having the best deal come on at the very end. But there's lessons to be learned on every show, with every pitch.

From good to bad, there's always a lesson. Whether it's a good pitch, good product, bad pitch or bad product, you can pull a little bit of advice and knowledge to help you with something in your own Business.

On top of that, there's Businesses of all type, which makes it more interesting. For instance, I consider myself an Internet Entrepreneur, but that's not to say that I don't appreciate seeing how a lot of offline Businesses operate. In fact, it makes it much more enteraining for a guy like myself. Sure, I'd love to watch a show all about Internet Entrepreneurs, but Shark Tank has investors that are not true VC's or Angels, at least not on the same level as I'm used to. You won't see Ron Conway on that show investing in a widget that can be pitched on QVC. That's what makes the show more interesting as it's pretty diverse all around.

The guys on the show are very entertaining, as well as Lori Greiner, but I have to admit that Barbara can get a bit annoying. I like the fact that she used to invest into a lot of people, but at times she becomes a bit too much. I think the straw that did it for me was the way she talked to the SEO guy who had the paddle board company. That was a little bit too over the top. 

Mark Cuban is straight up and he gets things done. I love watching this guy when someone is on stage pitching their product or service. It's awesome the way he either lifts people up or slaps people down (usually deservingly) before he reels them in.

Kevin O'Leary is hilarious. I don't think there's an episode where I haven't laughed about something the guy says to someone. He's a smart guy and knows what he's looking for. He is what kept the show alive, if you ask me.

Damond John used to be very boring and rarely invested in anyone. But lately he's been very entertaining as well. He's also the most active of all on Twitter, cheering on the show while it's live. He's very transparent and gets engages with viewers via Social Media. Very cool.

Robert Herjavec is an interesting guy. His story is the most inspiring for sure. If you haven't read about it or seen the video on youtube, you should check it out (Dragon's Den clip).

There's been a lot of part-time "Sharks" on there over the past few years, and they're always entertaining. But the current lineup (minus Barbara) make the show very entertaining. If they brought in Lori to replace Barbara I think it would become an even better show, which says a lot.

Are you a Shark Tank fan? What episode was your favorite? Who's your favorite Investor?


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