Two New Albums Arctic Smoke and Amorphous Resonances By Gulan Are Released

Just recently, an artist known as Gulan has released two new albums known as "Arctic Smoke" and "Amorphous Resonances." Both albums have five tracks to them. On "Arctic Smoke" you will find "Sphere 5", "Crystal Monk 2", "Arctic Smoke", "Good Morning" and "Phase Zero." On "Amorphous Resonances" you will find, "Amorphous Resonances", "Amorphous Resonances 2", "Altai 5", "Rainbow Glade 2" and "Abstracto 4."

All of these songs have been released by Gulan and are believed to be top-quality, inspirational music pieces. Gulan specializes in many different types of music. His main type of music is New Age and Electronica but he's also very into Space Music, Meditation & Ambient Music. You'll find that his songs have all been inspired by these types of music, so they have something unique and interesting to bring to the world. Most of his music features no talking or voice in it whatsoever, it is all about the scenery that you will experience during this and the music that plays in the background.

Planet Earth
Much of his music is inspired by the planet that we live on. Planet Earth is a miraculous place in the universe and it is something that should be idolized. We as human beings take for granted the place in which we live. We don't often slow down to evaluate how beautiful this planet is and how lucky we are to be here. The music produced by Gulan can help you truly see this. The new Gulans album named Amorphous Resonances really captures the beauty of this planet and everything that has to provide to us. His music combines meditation, ambient and New Age styles and combines them into something unique and fascinating.

"Two new albums Arctic Smoke and Amorphous Resonances by Gulan are released" That's what you are going to read when you go to the Gulan Music website. Gulan Music is trying to push these albums as best they can because they really believe that they offer something that no other music provider has to offer society. These albums have been crafted by meditation, New Age styles, ambient music and Electronica and Space music as well. There are no other music providers that have been able to do this and provide it in such an interesting way. Some of the coolest songs that you will find from Gulan revolve around vibrations, natural occurrences on planet earth, light, water, healing, meditation and much more.

Natural occurrences on this planet
Some of the things that you will find in this music are natural occurrences and inspirations from this planet. These are things like hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, lakes, rivers, valleys, canyons and much more. The universe in which we live is a very unique and inspirational place. It has a lot to offer us and there are ways that we can combine this world into music that can be used for positive self healing and educational purposes. This is exactly what Gulan wants to provide, he is trying to offer something unique and inspirational to the people of this world.

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