Help Stop Cops from Killing Pets

Sadistic Cops have been killing dogs for longer than I could imagine, but this is 2012 and we now know who belongs behind bars or in mental hospitals and who doesn't. We should (somewhat) know who we can trust to "Serve and Protect," and who should be allowed to carry a deadly weapon.

I find it very strange that so many Police Departments are allowing these cops to kill dogs of any size or temperment whenever they feel like it. It's pretty clear that a lot of Police Officers are taking their frustrations out on animals since they get thrown off the force and, in some cases, thrown in jail for doing the same to Humans.

If an armed man walked down the street with a gun and killed someone's dog, they'd be in a lot of trouble. But if you're a cop or animal control officer and you're having a bad day, it appears to be no big deal. Cities are allowing these psychotic individuals to use deadly force to handle their own personal problems.

Most people want to give Cops passes when they do things wrong. "You can't imaging what they go through on a daily basis." You're right, I can't imagine signing up for a job that requires you to be aware that you're there to Protect and Serve the public and get paid for it, not to use it as an excuse to take your anger out on people and their loved ones.

I'm sure they deal with plenty of ignorant people each and every day, and I do respect most Cops, as many are very heroic and caring men and women who really do take their job seriously. We should respect those Cops who don't pull out weapons when having bad days. We should reward those who follow the law and are truly passionate about helping to protect the streets they roam.

On the other hand, we should not allow arrogant, law-breaking Cops to get away with killing people's beloved pets, who most consider to be a part of their family. This is truly disturbing. It makes most people sick to their stomachs, yet these Police Departments are allowing them to get away with it all.

In fact, I was told by someone who has a son-in-law that's a cop - that they are given full authority to kill any animal that makes them feel threatened. Basically, this is the same way the law used to work with humans centuries ago. Feel threatened (ie, having a bad day)? Go take a life and play god. That will feed your sadistic ego.

These are the same departments that are being funded by your TAXES. This means that your taxes are funding a few psychopathic killers that are allowed to roam free throughout the city and can show up to your home by accident, or by suspicion. And the Police Departments allow this. 

Why? Because the citizens of these communities aren't forcing them to stop. It's not their community. Most cops who work in a city don't even live in that city, so why are we allowing these cops to get away with it?

Why haven't those who "run the City" done something to make this issue more important?

It's time to take a stand. These cops should be taken off the streets at the very least. I would imagine that most people are afraid of calling the cops these days if they're pet owners. 

Growing up in Southern California, I've had my fair share of arrogant, tough guy cops who gave a bad rep for the rest of the men and women in Uniform who busted their asses to really Protect and Serve. I lost faith in cops in general and that changed over time when cops were held to higher standards and more videos started exposing the bad cops. But now these same bad cops are realizing that they don't need to take their frustrations out on humans...they get away with killing animals instead!

It's quite ironic that these people are supposed to keep us safe from punks, killers, stalkers, etc. -- yet there's always a few cops who are those guys, getting away with it because they get paid to wear a badge and gun.

We, as pet owners, have to create a storm with Social Media, Email, etc. -- and offline tactics, such as calling the Mayor's office, Chief of Police, Physical Mail, News Stations, letting neighbors know, etc. -- it's all in our hands. We can help stop this rapid growth, but we have to all band together and take it seriously. It needs to stop and it needs to stop quickly. 

If you know how to write your Congressman or Woman, please do that.

I urge you to share this article with others on every social media account you have and then I urge you to write your own articles, here or anywhere else and urge others to share and do the same. 

I hope that every pet owner who has been through this type of horrible crime sues the city and the cop that killed their pet for as much as possible, too. This starts raising awareness and forces cities to start training cops how to handle animals the right way, as well as getting rid of the crazy cops who get their kicks with killing.

Here is a small list of dogs who have been killed by cops that have been trying to get the spotlight on the cop(s) and cities who are allowing this to happen.

Cisco - Cisco was killed by an Austin (Texas) Cop in front of his owner. The cop showed up to the wrong house.
Bucky - Bucky was killed by Jesse Davis, an Arlington (Texas) Cop. Bucky was very small and was killed in front of his owners and their little kids.
Jilly - Killed by a cop who showed up unannounced (told the home owner he would call first), hopped a fence and shot their dog.
Several dogs killed - Cop went into the back yard without letting the property owner know. The dogs approached and the officer killed them. 
Gizmo - 17 pound dog kicked, and then killed by Cop.
Justice for Bella - shot and killed by an Animal Control officer. Why in the world would this guy be able to carry a dangerous weapon like this in the first place?
Justice for Boogie - 4-5 month old dog shot 7 (yes, SEVEN) times and an attempted cover-up afterwards.
Justice for Big Boy - Sherriff killed the family dog on it's own porch. No growling, no barking. Another Cop with a god complex.
Justice for Ice - He was a sweet, friendly and deaf dog that was simply there to greet the officer that shot and killed her for no reason, in his own yard.
Justice for Capone - Dog was friendly with people, shot and killed by cops for no reason. No signs of aggression and Police covered up the killing.
Justice for Lillie - Friendly dog killed for trying to welcome a Fort Worth officer to her home. 

Ask for Mandatory Police Training to deal with domestic animals. Petition here also this petition here.

Here is a list of many petitions for dogs killed by Officers who think they can kill and get away with it. See the list here.

Please do anything you can, within your power, to spread the word. I hope that someone steps up to help organize something big. Something that will be noticed around the country, including Washington, D.C.

You can find out more about Dogs killed by Cops here.

For the owners of the pages of the dogs killed by law enforcement, I encourage you to find out and post email addresses to the Mayor, City Council Members, Chief of Police/Sheriff, and even State officials so that people know who to send messages to on their own, to raise even more awareness of these crooked officers. The more "officials" and law makers who have to feel the heat -- the more that will be done.


over 11 years ago

Thank you to all who have read, shared and participated in this article. It means a lot to me, so I'm sure it means a lot to all who have lost their pets to these Cops.

But anything extra you can do, please give it a try. Spreading flyers around your neighborhood regarding these situations and how to prevent such things from occurring (in some cases), contacting local, state and federal officials, Mayors Offices, etc. -- it all helps.

over 11 years ago

I added Bella to the list, the dog that woke me up to this nonsense in the first place. While she wasn't killed by a "police" officer, she was killed by someone who took their frustrations out on a living creature by playing God. This guy was never charged with a crime, although he should have been immediately.

over 11 years ago

Justice for Boogie added. 4-5 month old puppy that was "charging" cops, yet somehow shot in the back and back legs first... no, not a cover-up at all (sarcasm, obviously). Please sign the petition:

over 11 years ago

It's amazing that all these big bad cops "feel threatened," even by little dogs.
On the other hand, dogs are NOT shot/killed by: mailmen, UPS and Fed Ex delivery persons; store delivery persons, Jehovah's Witnesses, door to door sales people...LONG list of people who do not feel any need to shoot family pets.

over 11 years ago

Jane, that's a great point! People working the same types of jobs seem to get along just fine without having to harm people's pets. In fact, I had a door-to-door sales person come to my door the other day... I had 4 dogs inside at the time and they were barking, scratching the door, etc.

The guy backed up a few steps, but you could tell he wasn't scared. I opened the door and the 2 smallest dogs just ran around him, thinking he was a new friend. He didn't get scared at all, yet so many cops seem to? The same guys that are meant to PROTECT people from criminals?

about 11 years ago

I am so happy someone has put all these cases in one place. It just makes me sick. One suggestion: AKC needs to be made aware of this. Even if some of these dogs are mixed breeds. AKC works very hard every year with legislation in every state. They are the ones to start with I believe. Ryan Neman Foundation he is a nascar driver that works with alot of rescues and injured dogs. Also, what about Cesar Milan? All these people need to know about this.
I read the story about Lily yesterday and just brought tears to my eyes. Police have billyclubs,mace, stun guns and tasars... Why does it always have to be a gun with bullets? And, why not one time was the hunane society called? That is there job not the police. I sure hope something can be done. I think about everyone of these stories all the time and every dog.
And, what message are the police sending to our children and grandchildren? Not to trust police cuz they may shoot your puppy. I am from Iowa and there is a case here in Iowa. The dog had gotten out of it's yard and was digging his way back in and a car from the sherrifs dept drove by and called the dog to his car and shot the dog while the cop was sitting in his car.
There was no threat and tons of wittnesses. This was a 11month old puppy. I am willing to help in any way. I am a dog breeder. Another person to contact is Dr. Joe Seng. He is a Iowa State Represetative and a vetrinarian. I know he would help in anyway he can. This has to be federal not by state. Please keep me in formed.

about 11 years ago

And another one:

almost 11 years ago

More here ( and by the way, there are many cases on FB too, in different groups and pages with a similar goal...)
I post the whole page....because I can not find something else, shorter...WAS killed by a cop...what else is new...once we see a dog killed IN HIS HOME>..a cop did it...
And there is also a blog

almost 11 years ago

Please take a look at this posting on Facebook...there is a horribly long list with this abomination...the sadistic killing of pets by police

almost 11 years ago

This is why there needs to be one resource, such as a community filled with dog/animal lovers that can see all of this. I've seen hundreds of lists, but I've never seen that one, which is my point- that this stuff is too spread out to make a real difference.

almost 11 years ago

A cop shoots a dog in front of the child it was playing with. We're going to hear how the Police Department did a "thorough investigation" (a few beers and a few laughs, followed by a few minutes of filling out a piece of paper, as usual) and the officer will be cleared.

Nothing changes. We need this to go to a federal level.

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