Are We Living in a Police State?

With the current news of the Ferguson Police killing Mike Brown, we have to ask ourselves if we have allowed these paid employees to become too powerful. While our taxes pay these civil servants to help keep crime down, we don't necessarily need them in every city, at least not to the extent that they currently exist.

By no means do I believe that every Police Officer is a bad cop. In fact, my feelings are quite the opposite. I do believe that the "majority" (depending on the city and department) of Police Officers did, in fact, join their department believing that they wanted to help fight crime and help their community. The problem is that the main goal of the PD is community first. These cops have started to believe that they truly are above the citizens they work for. They tend to believe that they're allowed to do what they want, because they believe "they are the law".

This is where we are in this Country. While we pay taxes to protect ourselves from criminals, we are finding that those criminals aren't the biggest criminals in the city. Los Angeles PD is known as the biggest gang in the city, and I believe this to be true from my experience with the officers I have dealt with in that city. In cities across the country they believe that they're allowed to use their job to relieve themselves of anger and stress. From killing dogs to beating up on old ladies, to killing people of all races.

These cops are committing just as many, if not more, crimes than the criminals they were sworn to protect us from. We've essentially created and funded the largest criminal organizations in our cities. There are no quality assurance programs to help these organizations maintain integrity. Internal Affairs do nothing to help keep these criminals in check.

I have brought up the fact that cops are killing dogs at an alarming rate. Many people have dismissed these incidents as "who cares, it's just a dog". I care. You should too. Cops killing dogs is just another form of aggression and a step on the ladder towards killing humans. Do you really believe that cops like the man who killed Mike Brown are not using animals for target practice? These are like kids testing their parents. They are getting away with one crime and they feel that the next step shouldn't be much harder.

These bad cops are psychopaths. They do not need to be carrying a weapon, much less carrying deadly weapons with a badge that lets them get away with murder, literally. We are living in scary times. A cop can show up to your home after a call from your neighbor claiming someone is breaking into your house, and shoot your dog(s) while putting everyone near them in the line of fire. If you do not see a problem with allowing cops to kill dogs, you are either a cop or a relative. Or a psychopath.

We need to take over our Police Departments. City council members have slept on this issue while they are contantly being indicted for fraud. These are politicians who want nothing more than power. They do not care about you or I, so why vote them into those positions? Don't even get me started on the Mayor. These puppets are smaller versions of our President (every one of them, now and in the past). We vote them in due to promises and the puppet masters take over from there. We blame the puppet and ignore the real issues. The same goes with the Chief of Police. If we do not have any control over what he/she does, we have no control over our city's security.

We are definitely living in a police state already. The NSA watches our every move. They hack into our privacy when and where they want. We are surrounded by major police forces who have been playing dress-up with Military gear, pretending that something big can happen. These forces are given old Military equipment from the Department of Defense over the years and they intend on using it. Even when those who they are sworn to protect decide to protest against their use of deadly force. They respond with Military tactics to scare these people. 

This is where we are.

These are paid, private security for the city of Ferguson, taking a Military stance against those who pay for their services. This is not a warzone. This is a small city in America. There are no crimes being committed here by the citizens, only the Police Officers you see in this picture.

Why are there still some people who can't see how wrong this is? Why are these people still being paid?

This is scary, yet nobody seems to be bringing up the facs that:

  1. These are paid police offers that the city of Ferguson hired to protect citizens
  2. They are aiming deadly weapons against those who paid them to have the right(s) to those weapons
  3. These are cops on power trip, in front of the world, showing that they can take your money and kill you, if you decide to go against them.

Meanwhile our Government is worried about Mexican Cartels. These "Officers" of the Law are committing crimes in front of the entire world. The United States is supposed to be above this type of nonsense. We have let these civil servants become so powerful that they can turn on us at any time.

Yet people are still in disbelief. Those who are don't realize that this happens to white people, too. Wake up, America.

A police state, by definition, is:

a totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens' activities.
The NSA controls us with technology and our police forces are controlling us with brute force. Don't fight the power unless you want the power fighting back.
Our votes do not matter anymore. I don't believe they have since the mid-1900's. You can vote your mother into office, but your vote will somehow show up for the other person. That's how it works these days, we saw it twice in the past 14 years alone. Both for the same President that took us to war to fight for oil.
But we cannot let the local governments pounce on us anymore than they already have. We need to fight these political agendas and take over our local government, somehow. Ferguson is simply proof that our local police departments are out of control. There won't be any justice until some big political figure steps into the picture and forces that to happen, and he will only do it for the public. We will be his puppet masters, but only temporarily, until the big money rolls in.
If you're scared, you should be. Black people aren't the only people being targed. It's every race, every creature, whenever they feel the need to target them. If the cop is having a bad day, he will kill your dog, laugh and be exonerated by a '3rd party review board' that doesn't do much against bad cops. These reviews should come from a mixed board of citizens that will throw this cop out of the force and force charges against his or her criminal acts.


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