Will Robert Griffin III Succeed In The NFL?

I'm a big time Oklahoma Sooners fan and I have watched a lot of Big 12 games because of it. Truthfully, I've seen a lot of decent Dual Threat QB's in the Big 12, some of whom are currently playing in the league, but none as fully talented as RGIII.

I've been watching RGIII for many years now and I have seen first hand how dominant he can be as a true DTQB (Dual-Threat Quarterback). He's very quick, very fast (long speed) and has a heck of an arm. Oh, and he's also VERY smart. These are all things you look for in a top pick, but most of all you should be focusing on the most important thing -- the brain. RGIII is bright, as mentioned already. But he's very focused and down to earth. He's not a kid who's been in trouble for doing dumb things and seems to be looking forward towards the future, getting his head right for that next level.

I remember when Baylor beat OU for the first time ever...last year. Yes, RGIII absolutely tore through a decent Oklahoma defense. He saw the holes in Brent Venables' defense and he picked apart the secondary and the linebackers, all thanks to a terrible scheme that OU was running. But we're not talking about a scheme that everyone was picking apart. Actually, that defense was still pretty stout and led by many future NFL players, including Ronnell Lewis, Travis Lewis, Jamell Fleming and Frank Alexander, who will all be drafted tonight in the 2012 NFL Draft.

The defense was full of great athletes, but RGIII used his knowledge to find those holes, and then used his feet and arm to do the rest. It was an incredible performance, one that was the highlight of his Heisman Trophy win. 

What amazes me is how many non-believers there are, still yet. I believe RGIII will have a better career than Andrew Luck. Honestly, I'm not fully sold on Andrew Luck. Well, not sold as in I don't believe the hype he's getting coming into this draft.

If Griffin stays healthy, he will have a very productive career. I believe he has the smarts to go along with his physical talents, and also a great character that any team will appreciate in the long term. Mentally, he's the complete opposite of a guy like Michael Vick, who has never been as productive as his hype, yet he's just as fast, quick and has a better arm. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the draft tonight and I will be looking forward to seeing him in the NFL next year, especially getting to play behind guys like Trent Williams and Jammal Brown.


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