The Best of the Best: Whey Protein Supplements

The dietary supplement, whey protein, consists of the mixture of orbicular proteins that have been removed from whey. Whey is generated as a byproduct of cheese manufacturingand is in liquid form until it is dried.

Although whey has not been studied much as of yet, the studies that are currently being done have indicated that they may be very useful in preventing and treating some diseases. Its normal use is in the form of a dietary supplement.

Whey Protein Dietary Supplements

When whey is sold as a dietary supplement it tends to be in powder form, but it comes in the forms of isolate, hydrolysate and concentrate, as well. The actual contents of whey are five percent lactose with lactalbumin and other minerals, which are left over after milk coagulates. The fat is removed and the substance is then processed for foods.

The whole point of consuming whey is to help build muscle, improve your health and help reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardio vascular disease. Branched-chain amino acids are found in whey and are great for fueling muscles and protein synthesis. The protein synthesis that transpires in whey is initiated by leucine. Leucine helps you adapt and recover from stress due to physical exertion.

Whey Protein Controversy

The best whey protein tends to be a controversial issue. The most common use for whey protein is to build muscle for people who typically lift weights. Once they have reached the limit of muscle growth through dietary methods of eating lean meats, the next course of actions is to begin using whey protein. The controversy that surrounds this practice comes when you try to determine what the best whey protein products could be.

The Best Whey Protein Factors

Several factors play into the use of whey protein such as the time of day you use the supplement and even the ingredients that it contains. When you use whey protein, it is important to factor in the way they supplement lean meats. One common rule is that less is more.

If you cannot pronounce the ingredient list, then you need to be resistant to that particular whey product. Whey protein does not need a plethora of different nutrients in it to work effectively. In fact, if it is loaded down with other ingredients, it may inhibit this natural product from working as it is meant to work. You want a natural protein product, not a supplement chock full of vitamins.

The best whey protein supplements have been produced with care to reduce the chance of contamination. Typically this means that the whey product you may be considering for use contains more lead, mercury, and less of the whey protein it is advertised to contain.

When to Consume Whey Protein

A whey protein supplement is best consumed depending on your exercise routine. When you use a whey supplement after a workout it works better in your system. There is no particular time that is better either, other than directly after a workout. If you work out more than once a day then you should use this supplement after every workout.

How Does the Best Whey Protein Supplement Work with Food?

Whey protein works best when it is paired with foods such as yogurt and fruit, oatmeal and milk. It is common for a whey protein supplement to be combined with these foods too. The added protein from the supplement helps slow down digestion and makes you feel full longer. This is particularly useful when you are trying to increase your energy. The energy you would normally release with fast digesting carbohydrates is naturally slowed down. This gives you more energy throughout the day.

This does not mean it is okay to abuse the amount of whey protein you include in your diet. If you use too much of the dietary supplement, you could end up feeling constipated. Those that are lactose intolerant may have a problem taking whey protein, as well since it does contrary dairy products. The positive factor to this is that if you can digest cheese without a problem, then whey protein will not give you any trouble either.

The amount of whey protein that is safe for an individual to take is based on their weight. The amount an average person takes if around thirty to forty grams. There is no proof that using more whey protein will help you increase your muscle mass any faster. It is not necessarily about adding muscle mass fast, but rather in a safe and secure manner that allows your body to adjust to the changes.

The Best Whey Protein Supplements

The best whey protein supplements are the supplements that are more pure and contain a higher amount of whey. Typically this comes in the form of whey protein isolates. This is the most pure form in a supplement and tends to cost more than the others. Whey protein concentrates tend to contain more lactose and fat. The whey protein blends are a mixture of the concentrate and isolate. Pure whey protein has no lactose, no carbs and no fat. So you are getting the greatest amount of protein with the least amount of calories.

The truth of the matter is that you are only going to get high quality if you pay the higher price. It is worth it when you see the results of a higher metabolism, increased muscle mass and the knowledge that you are staying healthy and reducing the risk of certain diseases.

Who Benefits from the Use of Whey Protein Supplements?

When you think of someone who uses dietary supplements there are typically two people that come to mind. The first is the person that needs to lose weight in order to get healthy, and the second is the body builder type that wishes to increase their muscle mass.

Traditionally, whey protein is used by athletes and bodybuilders. It is time that this healthy supplement broke free from those constraints, however. Today, whey protein supplements are being used to help people lose weight, promote infant health, aid cancer treatments, increase muscle mass in the elderly and heal wounds.

No matter what your reasons may be for taking whey protein supplements, it has been proven to be healthy for everyone. As long as you do not have a particular allergy to dairy proteins, whey protein is safe for you to use. If you do have an allergy then you will want to consult your physician to see if there are any alternatives or medications you can take in order to use this healthy product.   


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