How to Get Free Farm Cash on Farmville

Social media and social networking are two worlds which are next in the line of discussion for this generation. Social media is not a very old concept. It is a concept, which is still relatively young in the evolution phase, and there is more to it. In fact, it actually helps out society without any discrimination whatsoever to interact with friends, family, relatives, and colleagues as well as also assisting some in making new friends.

Besides providing a forum for discussions, debates, agreements and disagreements, social media these days are providing individuals with team gaming or partner gaming options. There is some psychology here- you invite friends and families to accept requests sent via various social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. They accept your requests and ideally land up interacting with you pretty often sharing their achievements and gains while they used this social gaming. This also harnesses the spirit of togetherness.

While you’re having fun, you promote healthy competition and the spirit of teamwork, which helps in the professional and personal sphere too. You learn to share and accept loss and understand the strategies which are required to be successful.

Nearly all Facebook users have (by now) been, in some way, introduced to the Social game called Farmville. For those who have not, let me introduce you to it. Farmville is a free application available on Facebook. This is a real-time and realistic farm situation, although the environment has been simulated through innovation. Launched in 2009, it has been one of the leading applications which Facebook offers and most sought after application for users. Around 100 million Facebook users would have registered with this application. This game sets up a virtual farm where the users are required to maintain and manage all the farm activities like growing and harvesting crops, planting fruits and vegetables, weeding and other daily farm activities.

The most interesting aspect on Farmville is that you can earn cash. There are various techniques to earn more and more cash, if you are a serious Farmville player.

Before managing the daily farm activities you need to ascertain that how many friends will pay a visit to your farm. The more people that visit, the more chances you have to earn cash. Once you are done with this basic ground work, start by planting strawberries. Initially, you should only plant strawberries. This should be continued 4-5 times in a day’s span for the next four to five days. While you plant strawberries, keep adding more plots of land. At this stage don’t engage in any purchases. Keep increasing the plots with planting strawberries.

Now that you have planned to increase the plots, start inviting your friends on Facebook to accept your request to become your neighbors. This in turn will allow you to increase the allotted Farmville plot.

When you have created enough neighbors around you, you know that you can now buy a larger plot. You then select your friends who will have interest to continue with Farmville and send some free gifts, which are resalable. These free gifts come in the form of animals, seeds, and trees. Keep increasing the count and win more and more cash on Farmville.


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