Portland File Storage Solutions

Proper filing systems have the power to transform a clerical nightmare into a haven of organization. Rose City Office Furnishings offers distinct file storage products in Portland that help to create productive and inspired corporate environments, including six versatile storage options to suit your specific needs: Personal Storage Towers, Mobile Storage Systems, Lateral Files, Filing Island, Double-Door Cabinets, and FireKing Storage Cabinets.

Personal Storage Towers make maximum use out of minimum work space. With drawers as well as hanging space, these tall, rectangular units function as standing closets, where files as well as hung and maintenance items (coats, brooms, etc.) find an accessible home.

If your business keeps a large volume of files, you know how vital it is to both neatly store and quickly access your documents. Mobile Storage Systems take your high-density files and organize them efficiently for easy retrieval. These spacious, 30-drawer units house your archives so you can find them when you need them and store them neatly when you don’t.

Excellent for archived documents, Lateral Files are equipped to store three-ring binders, computer printout binders and file folders in the oversized ‘B’ drawers located in every cabinet. These sturdy organizers hold what you need and fit easily into out-of-the-way corners.

Ground your office at a hub of paperwork access with the Filing Island, a table-level filing system that provides deep drawers as well as a reachable counter top for assignment trays or a fax machine. Store beside your photocopier for centrally located organization that your employees can rely on.

Where to house office essentials: extra supplies, first aid kits, and user manuals for tech? When an employee needs a Band-Aide or must consult printer warranty information, she can grab it quickly with our five-level, Double-Door Cabinets. Perfect for hallway storage, these 36” wide units come in four height options.

No one likes to think about losing irreplaceable documents to fire. However, sudden emergencies can take their toll in minutes. Prepare for disasters that can cost your business thousands of dollars and hours of labor with FireKing Storage Cabinets and Safes, tailored to every space and every budget. 

You’ve built a successful business in Portland and/or the surrounding metro area. Let Rose City satisfy your functional needs with a polished look that embodies your hard-won goals. With storage options tailored to your unique vision and budget, Rose City has the perfect solutions for you.


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