What is a Commercial Drop Box?

Homeowners and businesses can easily remove large amounts of debris by using drop boxes. These big boxes or dumpsters can be rented from a drop box service for a specified time period. The company will deliver the box on an arranged delivery date.

The homeowner or business fills the box with debris. At the end of the rental period, the box is retrieved and hauled to a recycling center or landfill. Drop boxes come in a variety of sizes. Homeowners may choose a 10 yard box for smaller projects. Businesses may prefer 40 yard boxes for routine trash or construction debris removal.

Recycling materials is easy with a drop box. Homeowners remodeling a composite roof or removing dirt while landscaping a yard can easily toss the debris in the container. Businesses may have several boxes set up to handle items like bulk metal, paper, electronics and even food waste.

After pickup, the drop box service delivers these boxes to a recycling center. The materials are sorted for recycling, reuse or resale. The company helps homeowners and businesses keep recyclable materials separated and out of landfills.

Drop box services are also ideal for debris that isn’t recyclable:

  • Homeowners may fill the boxes with anything from old drywall to weeds to pieces of concrete.
  • Contractors can use drop boxes to organize construction and demolition sites.
  • Factories and large hospitals or schools may set up the boxes to handle enormous amounts of waste and recyclable materials.

Many businesses sign up for a regularly scheduled monthly service to help them control and sort debris, and appreciate the ease and convenience this offers. A good drop box service will guide customers to the right sized box and appropriate rental period for their projects. They will make sure customers are aware of government regulations on what can and can’t be put in drop boxes.

Using a drop box service is definitely an easy, convenient way to take care of debris cleanup and removal.

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