How to Get Rid of Shoulder Knots

Shoulder knots can be bothersome as these usually bring pain and discomfort. Aside from these symptoms, a person can also feel some tightness in the muscles, swelling and, worse, numbness in the area.

Shoulder knots are negligible when these go away after a day or two but if these last for several days, visiting the doctor should seriously be considered.

Before you make an appointment with your doctor, try some of the natural ways to alleviate discomfort caused by shoulder knots. For example, some simple exercises can do the trick such as stretching your arm over your head and then moving it outward.

Because a shoulder knot is usually a result of using one side of the body more than the other, you should stretch the affected side of your body four times more than the unaffected part. This exercise should be done until the pressure in the shoulder is released. The good thing about this exercise is that you can do it even when you are just sitting in your office.

If you are at home or in a place where it is alright to lie down and stretch, this next exercise might do you some good. Get a tennis ball and lay down on it maneuvering it on the area where you are feeling the discomfort.

Stay still for about five minutes until the pain dissipates. Then, maneuver the tennis ball on other sore areas to relieve the shoulder knots further. It is advisable that you do the exercise on a hard surface like the floor to make sure that the knot gets pressed and breaks out. With a soft surface like a mattress, the ball will not apply as much pressure on the muscle as it should.

If you are too tired to stretch out or exercise, well, there is always the heating pad or an improvised one like a sock filled with a good amount of rice microwaved for a minute or two. The heat will relax and allow the blood to flow through the painful muscles. Other than these, you can try an electric heating pad or a hot steaming shower.

Do not forget the power of touch and get a nice massage from your partner. A good one will loosen the tight muscles and release those knots that are bothering you. If you opt to get professional massage help, indulge yourself in aromatherapy, stone or Thai massage. For sure, you will not only be relieved from those shoulder knots but also of the stress that you are getting out of life.

If all of these natural remedies do not work, you can turn to science to help you. An inflammatory medicine like Ibuprofen will easily remove the pain. Be careful about depending on medication so much each time a part of your body aches because you might end up developing immunity to these. If your pain does not go away as it is supposed to do when you take an anti-inflammatory pill, you should already think about consulting the doctor. 


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