Dealing With Intense Pain via Home Remedies
Damaging stimuli will usually result in intense pain occurring in the different parts of the body. Take for example ankle pain. A full rupture or partial tear of the ligaments that are closely attached to the ankle resulting from sprains that may occur unknowingly, will lead to intense pain at the ankle.
The extent of the pain however, will depend on the extent of the damage. Nevertheless, there are a number of home remedies that work perfectly to reduce the discomfort you may experience. 
This is perhaps the easiest and most readily available remedy in any home. By using two gel packs, one to apply heat followed by a cold pack both for twenty minutes each, you will be able to relieve the pain much faster. Ankle pains may respond to a sporadic hot-and-cold treatment.
On the other hand, you could fill ice in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag,  then by pressing the ice pack directly on the inflammation, you will be able to reduce the swelling alternatively, lessening the discomfort. You could also place a rag between the ice pack and the swollen area if the cold is too intense.
Exercises are a very crucial ongoing home treatment, especially because they help prevent future occurrences of pain. This remedy should only be applied after the pain with the ankle has subsided.A series of stretches and range -of-motion exercises will help strengthen the ankle, as it relieves the pain.
Such exercises have the ability to increase the ligament and tendons’ flexibility, which tightened during the injury enabling the ankle to fully heal within a short span of time.
Moving the ankle as much as you can will also help in its recovery. You could achieve this by sitting in a chair, placing your foot on the ground, and moving your knee from one side to the other without removing your foot from the ground.
Herbal remedies 
There are several herbal remedies that will help ease the pain and the swelling on the ankle.The direct absorption of coconut and garlic oil into the skin could help a great deal. This could be achieved by mixing three table spoons of garlic and coconut oil, then slightly warming the mixture in the microwave for about ten seconds, after which you massage a generous amount of the oil on the skin to allow for direct absorption.
You may be wondering what dieting has got to do with ankle pain. Well, there is some relation especially for those people who are overweight. If you are heavy, a lot of pressure and frequent stress could be applied to the ankle, sabotaging blood circulation, hence leading to bone degeneration.
Losing weight through proper dieting could possibly help get rid of the pain permanently. You could also try adding some supplements into your diet for your joint pain. Supplements such as chondroitin and glucosamine help in strengthening the ankle joint, as well as the surrounding tissues.
The above listed home remedies could work perfectly for your ankle pain. However, it is best that you pay a visit to a professional if the pain persists.


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