Discover the Things NOT To Do When Parenting Teenagers and Coping with Teen Behavior

Parenting Teenagers is a difficult and trying process. Teen Behavior is often unpredictable and some of the things they do may catch you by surprise.

Research has proven that a teens brain is far less developed than an adults. Therefore, teens tend to be very irrational at times and do things that just don't make sense. In addition, teens try to fit in with the crowd. Peer pressure dictates that they do what everybody else is doing. Some parents are following advice on how to get their teenage child's behavior under control, such as taking things away that your teen enjoys.

You may think that this type of discipline is appropriate, and it may even be very effective - for the moment. You may take items away from your teenager such as their computer, phone or anything that you have paid for. It certainly is your right as a parent. If your teenager is engaging in drugs, alcohol or doing anything directly against your orders, you may consider this a prime opportunity to use this type of discipline to gain the upper hand.

However - Even though you may be doing it for the right cause, is very damaging to the parent-teen relationship, and will only widen the gap between you and your child.

Don't expect your child to act like we do as adults:

Although your teen might engage in adult-like behavior or try to act like an adult, their brain is still developing. The danger comes when teens use their distorted way of thinking to justify acting against parent's rules and limitations.

Don't begin a power struggle between you and your teenager:

Your position may be: "I am not going to let my teenager walk all over me." Your teen, knowing that you no longer control his or her actions, will fight back by doing anything they can think of to prove this to you.

You may want your teen to do better in school - your teen will stop doing homework, study, even fail tests on purpose.

You caught your teen drunk and want him to stop- he'll find ways to get drunk and will make sure you see it!

In short, your teen's answer to your attempt to control him or her is to push your buttons and provoke you any way they can think of.

Don't start a shouting match:

Instinctively you'll feel like yelling back, the temptation to fight back can feel nearly impossible to resist. But yelling back at your teenager only challenges him/her more.

So, how do you get your teen to cooperate with you and resolve issues?

Stay calm:

Consider yourself being the manager, and your adolescent child is your 'misbehaving' employee.

Challenge your teen's behavior pattern:

Remind your teen that certain behavior is ineffective. You could say:" I know you want to stay out later, but talking to me like that is not going to get you what you want."

Be a role model:

The most effective way to teach your teenager is to lead by example. If you stay calm, your teen will follow.

It's definitely true, Parenting Teenagers can be very difficult. Teen Behavior is unpredictable and often confusing. Proceed to, to learn more about parenting a teenager.


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