Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe Under The Sun

You’ve been planning for summer vacation all year long. Going to the beach is a great time for your kids to enjoy and play under the sun. It is the time to leave all your paper works and other worries at the four corners of your office station. Remember to take all the essentials with you so you’re prepared for anything. With the hot days of summer at the beach, outdoor activities or playing a long hour under the sun can give dangers of heat rashes and dehydration for your child.
You want to make sure that every inch of your child is protected from the sun. And here are some tips on how to have fun under the sun:

  • Make sure you re-apply SPF 30 every two hours throughout the day and each time your kids come out of the water. You should do your first sunscreen application at home before they put their bathing suits on.
  • Choose moisturizing lotion that has long-lasting water resistance  as kids love to swim for hours. The formula with Dexpanthenol protects the skin barrier and allows a longer and safer stay in the water.
  • Take extra towels so kids always have dry ones to snuggle in when they are out of the water.Don’t forget to include a safe bug repellent for kids.
  • Early morning play is good for young children. Make sure to avoid sun exposure from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • You probably won’t be able to keep a hat on your kid for the whole day, but try to get them to wear it as much as possible. Wide-brimmed hats are better than baseball caps because they protect your child’s ears and the back of their necks, too.
  • Wear flip-flops or sandals as protection from the hot sand, broken shells, bottle caps and other sharp-edged trash hidden in the sand.
  • Prevent dehydration. Make sure kids drink enough water during the day so they don’t get dehydrated. Cool a few of your water bottles before you throw them into cooler.
  • Stroller with a detachable umbrella beach is a must. It can provide some much needed protection from the sun. Use folding lounge chairs that have safety covers over the seat-back adjustment area.



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