My Child Has No Self-Discipline, Responsibility or Focus...Except for Focus on Their Cells or iPads!

It's just another busy day in a normal North American home at around 5 o'clock in the afternoon and Mom is walking in the door after a long day at work to see her 2 teens and tweens sitting around on the sofa watching a flick. There are plates all over the kitchen counters, empty chip bags on the dining room table, and their school bags are all just dropped by the front door.

Mom is either used to it, in denial of it, or she is about to blow. In any case, this is not a situation that will have a delightful ending no matter what you choose to do for discipline. I mean seriously, I understand this would not take place in your house, but if it did, you would have to put your foot down, right?

Here are 3 Positive Parenting Solutions You Can Use that Will Guarantee Your Children and Teenagers Self-Discipline, Responsibility and Focus.

1. Know the Reward for your child or teenager when they do a good job on their chores at home. Yes, it is your household with your guidelines and if you like what is going on today with your child then keep doing what you're currently doing. If you would prefer to see even more favorable results with your child or teenager, you will start to recognize and utilize what is called their fuel, and your ammunition, their "why." Their why is there to help your children be encouraged to complete their tasks and discover crucial life skills. You could always make certain you have the correct motivator by paying attention to exactly what they ask you for and by taking note of which things are essential to them.

2. Pre-frame your expectations with your child or teenager, either the night before or in the morning. Have a five min discussion with your child about what your contract is with them. Ensure they understand that when they do this, this and this, they earn dinner, or they earn a good dinner, or they then earn a terrific dinner. Verify this by asking them to repeat back to you exactly what the arrangement is. Yes, you have to supply food however you don't have to provide butter on the veggies, or steak with their salad and bread, because, well, that is certainly a privilege. Privileges are always earned in three sections: bare minimum, average and superior. Superior work always earns outstanding dinner!!!

3. See to it you have put in the time to teach them step-by-step exactly how to do every job you ask of your kchildren; teach them over and over once again till they finish the task to your standards. Don't assume your child knows exactly what you suggest when you ask them to clean their room, empty the dishwasher or even put their own clothes into the laundry container.

4. Stay with your part of the contract by making them always earn their advantages in their life.

Adhere to these easy but effective favorable parenting techniques and you will see a positive result with your child or young teenager each time you have a job to be done. This works!

The parenting strategies will help you produce a confident, happy and grateful child or teenager in any child. When you learn to lovingly guide your child's behavior, as opposed to using outdated punishment techniques, that work short-term at best, you will be the hero to your child.

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