Pop-Up Parties And How they Work

These parties are just as fun if not better than normal parties but they can be anywhere you want and look however you want.

Pop-Up parties can be used in two terms. You can organise a surprise party for a friend on their anniversary or you can even open up a one night nightclub that will generate a lot of interest from the high profile community.

Firstly for a friend there needs to be a lot of preparation about where to host a party and generally there aren't many limits to where you can have the party. You need to make sure that you are allowed to host the party in the certain location but after that it is all systems go. To decorate the venue for a friend you need to make sure that it will suit what they like and then develop from that. Pipe & Drape stands can help you turn any venue into the best venue around and this will come in very helpful when organising your friend's party.

The stands can add a theme to the venue but if you having a party then you generally want black so the lighting you choose is more effective. You prepare for any of the eventualities that may occur for example if you are outside then the weather could possibly ruin the day.

If you are thinking of having a nightclub in a certain place just for one night then there are more circumstances that you need to take into account as there are strict guidelines. Because you are a nightclub you will be selling alcohol and the law requires you to have a licence for this that you will not obtain if you are trying to set up an event in a field.

This is why you need to be a little more creative with this. You should look at the restaurants that are around and the ones that sell alcohol are potential venues for your pop up party. For these there is a lot more preparation that you need to do as it can be harder to cope with. Security is important because a mix of people that are drinking could lead to trouble that you will need to be ready for. You then need to make sure that your venue is able to cope with the demand from people.

Decorating the venue for you pop up party as a nightclub will need to be better than just a standard party. You will not need to invest heavily in furniture and other items but you just need to make sure that you can decorate your venue stylishly. As mentioned before pipe and drape stands can transform a venue and with a nightclub you will need to make sure that you do not go for bright colours as this can look stupid.

Dark colours like blue, black and purple would be good choices and they will impress the guests. You should also look at the types of lighting for the party and then you can add to this with disco balls.

Both of these pop up parties will take a lot of preparation and you should take care when organising both of them. There could be problems when organising both so you will have to make sure that you can deal with what could happen. But otherwise you will have a lot of fun doing them.

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