Instructions for Installing Replacement Air Filter

If you have recently bought a replacement air filter, removing your old and worn out air filter would not be that difficult. You just need to follow some simple instructions and the task of installing your newly bought replacement filter would be done.

The following instructions need to be followed for installing the replacement air filter

• Find out the location of your vehicle’s stock air box.

• Now, you need to undo the metal clips located on your vehicle’s air box.

• Get the stock air box open to get rid of the previous air filter.

• If the replacement filter that you have bought is K&N drop-in, and if it comes with sealing grease, you need to apply it to the sides of the filter to make a firmer grip of it. If you are unable to use the grease for some reason, you may have to make use of the white lithium synthetic grease. You should avoid the use of petrol-based products rather than grease.

• Now you need to drop in your K&N filter in the stock air box.

• The last step in this installation process would be to replace the lids and fasten the clips again.

After having installed the replacement air filter, you can now enjoy the renewed power and energy.

Before installation of these air filters, it would be advisable to learn about whether this product is street legal in your state or not. It would be advisable to buy the product from a manufacturer which can ensure that the product is compliant in all the states of the country. The major permission that your product should have is compliance with the state emission regulation. If you get installed such a product on your vehicle, it would ensure that your engine not only performs better but is also street legal.

If you have chosen the K&N replacement filter, it would be advisable for you to not worry about any other parts for getting it installed on your vehicle. All the tools and equipment needed for installing the air filter on your vehicle would be found on the packaging of the air filter itself.

You do not even have to worry about oiling of the air filter as this product is shipped in the pre-oiled condition. It is only in some cases that you may need to use a little tube full of grease to deal with the fitment issues of the replacement air filter. Even this tube of grease would come shipped with the package of the air filter.

After you have installed the air filter and made sure that all the instructions pertaining to its proper fitment into the vehicle have been ensured, you should now focus on the cleaning instructions for your vehicle’s one of the most important components, the air filter. There are some very important instructions that you should follow for making sure that the engine runs smooth as the air filter performs its function of enabling continued oxygen supply to it.


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