Common Types of Car Racks

When going on a trip, packing and bringing everything you need is already a difficult thing to do. This is especially true when you don't have enough space to squeeze in all your stuff into your vehicle. Sometimes, the lack of space you have in your car makes it difficult to decide what not and what to bring. So, you end up bringing something that isn't important and leaving behind your vacation essentials.

This is where car racks come in very handy. They allow you to bring along important equipment or cargo that you would probably have not taken along due to a limited cargo space. This affordable load carrying solution is a better alternative for buying a larger vehicle or leaving important camping gears at home. You just need to install your own vehicle racks and you're ready to go.

Now, you're probably thinking what kind of car rack would best suit your vehicle. Here are some of your options.

1. Trunk racks - If you're using a sedan or a sports utility vehicle and you need to transport 2-3 bikes, trunk racks are just for you. They are lightweight and inexpensive. They are usually attached to the rear decks with straps made from neoprene rubber and paint-friendly hooks.

2. Roof racks - If you're driving a 4WD, then you might want to consider installing roof racks for 4WD. They can help you carry the largest range of equipment by mounting it on the roof of the vehicle. They are affordable and can carry a variety of sports equipment, luggage and other loads. These racks are also widely used for their versatility and ability to adapt with the seasons. Drivers enjoy the absence of any visual obstruction because the luggage is mounted on the roof. There are also other accessories available that can make the loading process faster and easier.

3. Truck racks - These are designed to transform a truck's bed into an efficient cargo space. Some truck racks are made specifically for bikes, boats and other cargo boxes. They make use of systems of internal rail or support rails that can be installed temporarily in the truck bed.

4. Strap racks - Attached to the trunk lid, they are easy to remove and perfect for anyone who is always on the move for a weekend trip. They can only carry three bicycles at a time.

5. Hitch racks - Vehicles with a built-in trailer hitch can install this type of rack by sliding it into the hitch. The size of your hitch will determine the amount of load that you can carry.

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