How to remove mildew from patio cushions

Cleaning the Patio furniture for Warm Weather Festivities

Patio furniture that has been stored from cooler wet weather or left outside during the duration of the changing seasons can suffer from bleaching, mildew and patches of water or dirt staining. Bleaching, an effect caused by the sun removes or fades colors and dyes of patio cushions, which is not fixable unless the fabric can be re-dyed a solid color.

Depending on the manufacturing style of the cushion, it is best to follow cleaning of all products according to specification and possible bleaching. With mildew and staining there are several ways depending again on the type of material the cushion is made of, that the cushion can be cleaned.

The best-proven technique for a good cleaning of mildew from a patio cushion will only involve a few household products that can be found at most retailers or grocers. Needed tools will be a Scrub Brush and a Spray Bottle.

Cleaning solution can be made from a few items including Fels Naptha Bar Soap, Dishwashing Detergent, Borax, Fabric Protector Spray and Water. A garden hose or hose fixture will be helpful in wetting and rinsing the covers and cushions or a spray bottle will work as well.

If the cushions are of a canvas material then you will only need the Fels Naptha Bar Soap, Water and Scrub Brush. Wet the Canvas and use the scrub brush to rub up a good lather of the bar soap and scrub the fabric.

Use a heavy amount of the soap and work up a full lather and scrubbing generously. Once the cover is cleaned, it can be rinsed and left to dry. Some canvas cushions have removable covers also that can be placed in the washing machine. For cushion covers you will want to place them back on the cushions while still slightly damp so they will stretch and fit properly.

Other cushion styles will require a bit more cleaning and steps to remove mildew and bring new life back to the cushions. You will want to mix 1 tsp. of Dishwashing Detergent and 1 tsp. of Borax in a quart of warm water and add to a spray bottle. When spraying the cushion you will want to soak them and get them as wet as possible which you may even use more than one mixture or spray bottle of cleaner.

Do not be stingy, the more cleaner you spray on and concentrate in getting into grooves the less scrubbing later. Once the cushions are completely soaked, let them sit for about 15 minutes. Using a hose or spray bottle with a high powered spray, rinse the cushions with water and pay attention to the grooves and crevices in the fabric removing all of the mildew and dirt.

You will want to stand the cushions upright to let them air and dry a bit until slightly damp. The apply the fabric protector to help seal the fabric and keep stains from appearin The Fabric protector will also make cushion easier to maintain.


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