10 Things You May Not Know About Facebook Advertisers

1.  They know more acronyms than a government agency.

CTR, CPC, CPM, EPC, CPF...and more!  Facebook advertisers compete only with the federal government for the number of abbreviated terms.  Yes, there is a lexicon that Facebook advertisers use to describe different aspects of their campaign.  Before they “go live,” a good advertiser has planned in advance, and has an expectation for each term.

2.  They have certain days when they don’t run their campaigns.

Just like popular bloggers know there are better times to hit ‘publish’ and email marketers know the best time to send out their campaigns, Facebook advertisers know that all times are not equal when it comes to advertising.

3.   They know that small changes can have a huge impact.

Images, borders, objects within the image, copy, headlines, target audience.  Many times they discover that a simple tweak can pay dividends.  If an ad isn’t doing what they want, they pause the ad and change it up.

4.  They test. And test. Then test some more.

You thought stock traders were the only ones who study their computer screen!  Nope!  Once ads go live, Facebook advertisers are watching, analyzing and comparing different image/copy/headline combinations.

5.  They get rejected. 

Since there is a manual review of each ad by a Facebook employee, ads are rejected frequently, and without explanation.  Rejection of ads is one of the most puzzling aspect of advertising on the forum.  You can be disapproved, then approved hours later with the exact same ad.

6. They are numbers-driven.

Facebook advertisers view the success or failure of an ad as completely quantifiable.  We’re talking about money here!  You won’t hear them say, “It feels like this is working well.”  There is a criteria, a budget, and it’s a process that’s all measurable.

7.  They know that Facebook ads must be different from Google ads.

They are keenly aware of the differences in “search marketing” as seen in Google, and “profile marketing” in Facebook.  They know that the image in your Facebook ad, which isn’t available on Google, is the number one predictor of success.  Facebook advertisers also know that their ads must be captivating because people aren’t searching for your product on Facebook.

8.  They are always looking to stay ahead of the crowd.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but when it starts happening on Facebook, it means it’s time to find new ways to stand out.

9.   They rely on community.

Facebook is nothing if not mysterious.  Decisions are made, and implemented, sometimes quietly.  It is up to the advertisers to adapt and be flexible, so your community becomes increasingly important.  Our new Insights Forum even has a place specifically to discuss important Facebook updates.

10.   Facebook advertisers love the thrill of the hunt.

They’ve researched, written copy, selected images, evaluated the competition--and now it’s time for the fun part--to go live!  On one hand, there is the excitement of having a successful campaign.  And on the other hand, if they aren’t seeing the wanted results, there’s the challenge of dissecting the problem and coming up with a solution.  Then getting back out there to try again.  Facebook is ever-changing, complicated, and really exciting.  It’s a thrill to “crack the code” again and again.

Facebook advertising is exciting, challenging, and if done correctly--worth your time and money. It’s dynamic, and you must be flexible enough to roll with the changes and continue to find opportunities to lead the pack.

Did I mention...it’s a ton of fun??


almost 11 years ago

Very interesting post. I'll share it with a few others that I know who use Facebook to advertise on.

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