How To Find a PPC Coach
Over the years we've seen a lot of PPC Training programs come and go. With all of these so called 'gurus' pumping out course after course, and a lot of other programs popping up that are run by self-proclaimed 'experts,' it's hard to get a good grasp on what is good and what's bad out there.
The biggest problem with all of these PPC training courses is the fact that they're pushed by Affiliates of the program who aren't even members of that site. You'll see 'gurus' and Make Money Online Bloggers who have absolutely no clue about what's going on with these programs, yet they're pushing them hard because they realize that their clueless readers will be easy targets. Why waste money on a program that was created by someone who has just a little more experience than you might have (or less!)?
The best way to get through all of the hype and mess is to check out what others have to say on forums such as Wickedfire, DigitalPoint (although I'd be a little more careful), Warriorforum and These web sites are actually forums that are full of experienced affiliates who have spent a lot of money on training, some good and some bad. Who better to get feedback from than those who could care less about the owner of those sites?
Another thing to take into consideration when using these forums is that even those who have positive things to say may be Affiliates. Be sure to check out their 'signature links' which are located underneath their actual forum postings. This is a great indicator as to why they're giving that program a lot of positive feedback. Then again, it's probably best to re-think a lot of the negative feedback too! A lot of times you will find that the negative posters will appear suddenly in forum threads to bash a program or product and that's the only reason they showed up in the first place. Post count is usually associated with every user on a forum, so check out how many posts that user has before giving them the benefit of the doubt.
In the end, PPC Coaching programs are a dime a dozen. Some programs will make you pay monthly, promise you a lot of tools and learning material, then fail to deliver themselves. Be careful of these programs and get out before you pay them too much if you're feeling that you were lied to.
If you're looking for a good PPC Coach you should check out, which is not just ppc training, it's also a great place to learn SEO, CPV/PPV (Cost Per View), Social Media and much, much more. We feel that it's the best place for beginners and intermediate Internet Marketers (and affiliates) to learn about all of the traffic sources out there.


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