How to Pay Off Wedding Debt

A wedding is a time in a couple’s life that they want to remember forever. They want it to be a special time with their closest family and friends around. Most couples will go all out on the bridesmaid dresses, best man and even the bride and groom.

The woman wants to look extra special and have that perfect wedding dress. Then you got the rings for the couple, reception, food, decorations, music and the guests to put up in a hotel somewhere. All of this will rack up in price but most couple’s will not even realize how much if they are charging it to their credit cards.

As a couple you can try to renegotiate the packages and prices with some vendors that haven’t fully paid as of yet like the company who videoed the ceremony or the photographer. In some cases, they will work with you and you can order fewer pictures and as far as the video is concerned let them know that they don’t have to go through the process of editing anything that you both are fine without that being done. Most will agree to that if you haven’t already signed some type of agreement or contract.

Reducing certain items in the wedding is not a bad thing in some cases you can return unopened decorations that wasn’t used like napkins, bags of goodies and other items. That way you can get a refund on these and save a little money.

Plus always make sure that you both get what you are paying for because some vendors will promise a certain thing and not deliver in which case you can let them know and then get the price lowered. It doesn’t make you a bad person but why pay for something if it isn’t what you expected and in some cases vendors can be over-priced on particular services anyways.

Once that special day is over with the couple will reside in their new home together and think everything is perfect and it can be till the day comes and all the bills from the wedding start coming in. Researchers have shown results that most weddings will average out to around twenty-four thousand dollars. Some couples plan ahead and start putting money back and some even have family that will pitch in on the wonderful occasion. Then there are couples who had rather use credit cards or take out loans.

This is when times will get a little rough for the couple and they will have to sit down and work out how they can start paying off the debt they have made. Some couples will stress out and get into arguments but for the most part others will recognize the situation and work through it calmly. No matter what form of debt it is everybody in some point of their life will have one and it can be paid off you will just have to figure out the right form of solution.

Also when it comes down to paying on the debt then you both will need to talk about each one and see how you both can manage to pay a little something each month. If you are working on a credit card bill then you will want to pay more than the minimum so that way you both will see the balance being lowered each month.

If you are looking to pay a vendor each month then more than likely they will work with you and you all can set up a certain amount each month to pay. You both might have to cut back on certain expenses but in time the debt will be paid off and then you both can live within your means.


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