Faulty Machinery At Work in London

If you have an accident at work which is caused by faulty machinery, your employer could be held liable for your injuries. This is because it is your employer's legal responsibility to maintain machinery appropriately, if they are not adhering to guidelines relating to regular checks of machinery, their negligence may have resulted in your unnecessary accident. Requirements for regular checks of machinery are likely to be in place for machines which are in conditions which can lead to deterioration.

What Must Your Employer Do To Keep Machinery Safe?

As has been outlined, your employer is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of machines. They should do the following:-

- Ensure that machinery is checked by a qualified electrician: this will reduce the likelihood of electric shock

- Ensure machinery is housed appropriately: faults can be caused due to machinery not having the correct space to operate within properly. E.g. overheating, exacerbation of wear and tear, water damage.

- If a machine has a fault they should ensure the machine is not used by any of the staff

- Faults should be repaired within and appropriate timescale: both minor and major

- Parts which are subject to particular wear and tear should be regularly checked and replaced

- Regular maintenance checks should be performed on machines: the appropriate amount of maintenance to keep the machine in safe working order will usually be outlined by the manufacturer. Performing less maintenance checks than advised has the potential to be dangerous. More maintenance checks may be needed if the machine is extremely heavily used.

- Machinery must be fitted taking in to account the necessity for it to be serviced. There should be enough space around the machine to be able to access key points in a safe way.

The government's Health and Safety Executive requires that the appropriate maintenance plan for each machine is ascertained via a risk assessment. Aspects of the machine that pose a particular threat to the safety of a company's workers must be specifically focused on and looked at more regularly. Furthermore, if a machine breaks down and repair only fixes the matter temporarily, the machine must be replaced as it poses too much of a risk to workers.

What If I Have An Accident Involving A Machine At Work?

If you have been injured by machinery in the workplace firstly you must get medical attention and get yourself fit and well but after this you should consider making a compensation claim. Some accidents are unfortunately just that, accidents. However, some work machinery accidents are due to your employer's negligence and if you feel that you have been the victim of third party negligence you should contact a specialist work accident solicitor today. Work related injuries can affect your ability to work, your income, your mobility and more. You deserve monetary compensation for the psychological and physical effects your accident has had on you.

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