Tips For Using SharePoint 2010 With Your Mobile Device

Although popular as collaboration tool, SharePoint 2010 is a complete business package. Other than sharing and collaboration, SharePoint enables enterprise search, content management, metadata management, workflow management, information transfer, corporate social networking and ultimately business intelligence.  Hosted SharePoint 2010 enables employees to synchronize different work tasks at one place regardless of their physical location. As most of the businesses require their employee to be connected outside the premises too, Sharepoint 2010 hosting enables employees to access the SharePoint portal from their smart phones and mobile devices. This sounds great but there are few considerations you should know while implementing SharePoint to be accessible from user mobile device.

  1. First of all SharePoint proper functioning depends on some other technologies like your Email servers, Windows, Domain Name System, Active Directory, SQL Database and IIS (Internet Information Server). So make sure everything is configured properly or you can contact your Hosted SharePoint 2010 vendor to check these applications.
  1. SharePoint website published the list of compatible mobile devices so make sure all the employees who need to use the SharePoint on mobile devices have compatible devices. Generally web browser enabled mobile phones can easily used for accessing information with Hosted SharePoint 2010. IE Mobile on Windows Mobile 5/6/6.1/6.5, Safari4 on iPhone 3G/S, BlackBerry 4.x and newer versions, Nokia S60 are the most popular in the list.
  1. Mobilizing SharePoint 2010 delivers enterprise search experience to find expertise, people, content, access to documents, lists, calendars to employees mobile devices too. They can use mobile devices to access corporate PPTs, word, excel documents and get SMS alerts when any change is noticed in portal content. Many of these features of SharePoint 2010 are automatically enabled once configuration is done but still there are some data types which need additional configuration. Mobile adapters or mobile web part adapter are needed for enabling mobile functionality to some specific functions.
  1. Beauty of Hosted SharePoint 2010 is its simplicity. When user access the SharePoint URL via mobile browsers they generally don’t need to make any change and desktop URL would work. Sometimes due to configuration of web proxy, users need to use “Email a Link button” under Page Tab. Using Mobile web part framework provided by SharePoint 2010, you can customize the SharePoint mobile pages in terms of layout suiting for mobile version.
  1. To ensure the security of data for mobile access, you need to discuss with your Hosted SharePoint 2010 service provider the necessary measures and practices. SSL encryption is generally used for communicating data between SharePoint portal and mobile devices.


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