How to Get Bigger Biceps in Less Time

Ripped biceps come about as a result of shedding excess body fat percentage, along with plenty of muscular development. The key in getting the bigger biceps lies in the stimulation of muscle fibre as much as possible.

This is accomplished through the performance of exercises that give the biceps (and overall arms) the greatest possible range of motion. Each of the bicep muscles have to get their fair share of exercise. The two muscles that constitute the bicep are brachii and brachialis. Brachii is the big, round top muscle and brachialis are the longer muscles underneath, which flexes the elbow.

One of the basic exercises to achieving the target muscle gain is standing barbell curls. You stand while holding weighted barbells in an underhand grip with both hands. You then lift the weights by rotating the forearms, and doing an upward curling motion.

At the same time, the upper arms are kept tight against the sides, and the elbows are in a fixed position. The weighted barbell is then lowered back to the initial position slowly, with the upper arms still in the fixed position.

For maximum and faster gain of bigger biceps, isolate the effort and tension in the biceps. You should never use your body by bending the back in order to generate momentum. This reduces effectiveness and increases injury risk.

Alternate hammer curls are another suitable exercise. You hold weighted dumbbells with an underhand grip in each hand, with the upper hands at the sides. The start point is lifting the dumbbell in one hand in a flexed position.

You then proceed to lowering the dumbbell before lifting it back to the initial position. You repeat the same motions with the other hand, and keep alternating the hands. The biceps undergo constant flexing, which massively boosts the muscle gains. You should perform the exercise repeatedly on each arm, for two sets of 6 to 10 reps.

The third effective exercise is doing the preacher hammer curls. You sit on a preacher bench and grip a dumbbell in each hand, while your arms are on top. Your palms should face each other. While doing this, curl the dumbbells upwards as if attempting to touch the shoulder with the dumbbell tips. You then lower them to the initial position.

The workouts ought to be mixed up for the greatest and fastest bicep development. They should not be limited to using the biceps in a single range of motion, such as the case with standing barbell curls. These are also in a single axis. The heavy weights should also be repeated for two sets in reps of between 6 and 10.

The aim should be to lift more weight in each gym session, while making the last rep nearly impossible to accomplish. The best way of getting significant muscle gain is not repeating exercises but lifting heavy weights.

Therefore, you should not concentrate on doing hundreds of reps on lower weights. Performing less reps but on gradually increasing weights is the fastest way of getting the shirt-ripping biceps.

Proportion is also essential as having ripped biceps but with excess body fat dilutes the visual effect. This makes it a necessity to lose fat appropriately while building the muscle.

The two effects of weight loss and muscle build-up can be achieved through short and intense workouts. Good quality high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) gets the body weight reduced remarkably fast.


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