How Teenagers Can Get Buff

Looking good is one of the things that gives you the feeling of self-confidence. Looking good could mean different things to different people. In this case, the focus is on buffing up. This is a major concern, especially to teens.

Getting buff is not easy, aside from the different types of exercises you will need to do, you will also have topartake in a healthy diet. The combination of these two will helpyou build up strong muscles in a short period of time.

First and foremost are push- ups. These are hard to do if a person does not have a high level of upper body strength. Depending on the specific muscle you are planning to buff, and your level of skill, you will be able toget just the right type of push- up exercise to meet your needs.

There are different variations as to how the exercise is performed. The push- up can work out your arm muscles, pectorals, and of course the back muscles all at once.In teens that already have a great amount of strength, you may find them doing one hand or even finger push- ups.

Chin- ups is another brilliant exercise to gain strength and get buff. Just like push- ups, this exercise helps strengthen different body muscles. All you need is your body weight, and a hefty hanging bar that is able to hold up your weight. It is a great form of exercise for any teen who wants to be buff. How you do this exercise will depend on whatever makes you comfortable. Your palms could either face in or out, and the distance between your hands can also vary.This exercise greatly improves upper body strength.

Another exercise is squats. If done correctly, they are a brilliant way for any teenager to buff up quickly. This exercise is done byspreading your feet apart and squatting down as far as you can and then back up again. The process is continuous for certain durations of time. In order to benefit fully from this exercise, be careful not to overdo it and strain your muscles.

The dead lift exercise works out different groups of muscles. Make sure that the technique you are using to do this exercise is right. This means that your back should be kept straight, and not curved; otherwise you might badly injure yourself in the process of buffing up. This is one of the best exercises to build up different muscles in your body.

The above exercises will be a waste of time if they are not accompanied by proper dieting. This ensures that the energy used in building up the muscles is replaced by the rich diets. This way you can be sure of getting buffed quickly, and in a healthy way.

They key is to do it naturally with sheer exercising and eating healthy. Stimulants or energy booster pills should not be used under any circumstances in order to get buff, because they can be dangerous and have adverse side effects.

Some exercises for teenagers who want to get bigger are:

  • Push-up's (use wider and shorter bases, as well as flat on hands and on fists)
  • Pull-up's (closed base, wider base, normal, reverse, etc. - this will make a big difference)
  • Squats (use different stances, such as a wider leg base, shorter leg base, normal, etc.)
  • Preacher Curls - be careful when using weights and always have an adult there to help you)
  • Hammer Curls - this is simply turning the weights (and your wrists) north and south and curling them to your shoulders.
  • Bench press - always start small and slowly build up on weights. Use different types of grips, too.
  • Toe raises - these are excellent for your lower legs and great for athletes. Start off without weights and slowly bring them in over time.
  • Shoulder presses - there's many variations of these, so start with the basics and learn the different grips/bases.

Your diet should always include a lot of lean protein, including chicken breasts, turkey, beef and fish. You just need to ensure that you get the leanest cuts of these meats. 

Stay away from high carb foods. Change the white rice and mashed potatoes for Quinoa and Sweet Potatoes. Learn all that you can about proper nutrition as this is what really, truly builds muscle. There's an old saying that I've always remembered: "abs are made in the kitchen." This is the truth and you can see how some people lift weights, jog and stay busy all the time, yet they eat fast food, drink soda, eat ice cream, etc. -- all things that will destroy your journey into becoming "buff."

If you have any questions I will answer them as soon as I see them!


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