Keep Your Hands Strong with Hand Exercises

You use your hands on a daily basis. In fact, everything you do revolves around using them. This is why it is important to keep the strength built up in your hands. Exercise for your hands is an activity in which most people fail to consider an important task.

You may not think that hand exercises are even important unless you have injured your hand and need to build the strength back up. Rehabilitation is the key to improving your hand strength if this is the case. Regardless of whether your hands have been injured or not, it is a good idea to exercise them. Hand exercise activities can be executed in the comfort of your home and do not require any exercise equipment.

You can perform finger touches to improve the dexterity of the muscles in your hands. Open your hand then bring your thumb and little finger together and hold them in place tightly. This position should be held for six seconds.

Next, move your thumb to your ring finger and repeat the process of holding them together tightly. You need to do this exercise with each finger of your hand, and then switch to the other hand. Once you have finished this exercise, repeat the finger touches on both hands again.

Finger presses are a good exercise that will firm the muscles in both hands. Begin by bending your arms and pressing both hands together, slowly drawing your hands in toward your chest. Make sure your palms are pressed together and your fingers are pointing toward the ceiling. Your thumbs and fingers should be pressed together as hard as you can possibly press them. Hold this position for six seconds then relax your hands. It is recommended that you execute this exercise at least eight times.

This next exercise is good for stretching and requires a rubber band. The rubber band stretch will improve your flexibility with the stretching action of your muscles in your forearm, wrist, thumband fingers.

Place your right forearm on a flat surface such as a table, and open your hand with your palm in an upward position. Next you will need to bring your fingers and thumb together and position a rubber band on the tips to secure them, then very carefully open and close the fingers of that hand. It is normal to feel a pull on those muscles while performing this exercise. Do this activity in a succession of eight stretches with each hand.

The next exercise is called the one, two, three exercise. It stretches and strengthens your finger muscles. Begin my placing your forearm on a flat surface such as a table. Your hand should be open and facing palm up.

Next, bend your pinky at the first joint, the one that is close to your finger tip, as the tip of your finger gets closer to your palm; ease your finger forward to place the joint of your knuckle to your palm. Then straighten your little finger. Continue with this exercise until you have used every finger and thumb. Execute the exercise on your other hand, as well. Perform this exercise twice with each hand.

These exercise are easy to perform and will help keep your hands full of dexterity. It is a good idea to repeat these exercises daily. Before you know it, you will have performed the necessary activities to make your hands stronger.

Another great way to strengthen your hands and wrists are with "grips." You can see the image above to get an idea of what these are, although there's other forms of them that exist. These are great for building a stronger grip and improving finger and wrist strength, as well as helping to loosen the joints.

Give these a try and let me know what you think!


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