Muscular Legs - Will I Get Big Legs From Walking?

Walking is a form of weight-management exercise, though it is less vigorous. This activity allows gravity to push your body forward with your feet continuously on the ground. It strengthens a person's bones,and also improves cardiovascular health. Do not fear walking for fear of having big legs. Walking in most cases, does not make your legs bigger even though it involves your legs gaining muscle mass.

Many women are very concerned about their legs getting bigger from walking. Men on the other hand, hope their legs get bigger with muscle. Many people are afraid of big legs or muscles, because in most cases, the body may not be proportionate to the other parts of the body if the legs get large from walking.

It is a good idea to get detailed information on different types of muscles. The two types of muscles are the slow-twitch and the fast-twitch. The slow-twitch is specifically designed for contained activities such as dancing, jogging, riding and walking.

For the fast-twitchmuscle, it has the capacity of growing in size rapidly. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean thatwhen you engage in a number of lower- body workouts, that you will automatically have big legs. Sometimes this muscle can be very stubborn, when it comes to increasing in size.

Walking is an aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is an activity that people do repeatedly,using many different body parts at once. While walking, you boost your heart rate, and your body automatically burns the stored calories while you sweat. Because of this, you should not expect your legs to grow big. In fact, it should make your thighs slimmer.

Walking is an efficient activity for building muscular endurance. The pace that you apply while walking determines the calories that you burn. If you walk slowly, you probably won't get the results you are looking for. Speed walking is what will burn the calories fast, and is what will cause you to put the most body action into your exercise.

When speed walking, you also put a lot of arm action into the exercise, along with leg action. Walking especially up hills, helps you get rid of a number of calories, which is very necessary especially for a person who wants to lose weight.

A number of Exercises such as lunges, squats, and dead lifts will help you build big legs very quickly. There are multiple things that take place while you walk. These actions includehip extension and flexing, knee extension and flexing, as well as dorsi and plantar flexing. These activities boost your metabolic rate,and also prevent you from gaining weight around your thighs.

If you do happen to get enlarged legs, there are things you can do to slim them down. Eating less fatty foods and participating in many different types of exercise will slim them down. It is clear that walking to some extent causes your legs to grow, but the pros far outweigh the cons, because walking will put you on track for a healthy lifestyle.


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